Ai – Powered No-Code Platform

Think Fast.
Build Fast.

Natifi’s Ai-Powered No-Code Platforms enables Enterprises to Develop at Speed with Low Costs & Zero Dependencies.

Accelerating Application Development for Enterprises

Enabling Enterprises to think fast & build fast.

Natifi’s Ai-Powered No-Code Platforms enables Enterprises to Develop at Speed with Low Costs & Zero Dependencies. Our platform enables organizations in the supply chain, grant management, field service, QC & other industries to build, deploy, operate & manage end-to-end technology solutions. 

Supply Chain

Take advantage of Natifi's no-code application platform to seamlessly build enterprise-ready solutions for the Supply Chain Management

Grant Management

Natifi's no-code platform empowers enterprises to develop customized grant management solutions to manage the end-to-end lifecycle.

Field Operations & QC

Simplify field operations with the help of personalized applications built with Natifi's powerful No-code drag & drop builder.

Platform Features

Ai-Enabled Capabilities

Natifi’s Ai-infused No-Code Platform is helping enterprises build & leverage intelligent solutions that integrate data from various key systems to simplify business processes, reduce operational costs, save thousands of manual work hours and take your enterprise to greater heights!

Seamless Workflow Management

Seamlessly manage enterprise workflows with the help of Natifi’s intuitive drag & drop builder. Leverage our workflow builder to assign workflows, monitor & manage your workflows & users efficiently.

Scalable Cloud & Infrastructure

Natifi enables enterprises to build robust applications while allowing them to not worry about their infrastructure, deployments, & scalability. Natifi allows enterprises to effortlessly store & manage data on the cloud.

Improve Quality & Reduce Costs

Natifi’s powerful no-code platform enables enterprises to build high-quality web & mobile business solutions while keeping their development costs & budgets low as compared to traditional systems & solutions.

Minimize Time & Efforts

Natifi’s AI-enabled no-code platform lets laymen & professional application builders develop enterprise-grade web & mobile solutions within no-time. Stakeholders simply need to log in to the portal & start building business-specific applications with minimal efforts.

Get Crucial Insights with Analytics

With Natifi, enterprises generate real-time reports, identify risks, bottlenecks for their businesses. Enterprises dig deep into the data with powerful analytics models, obtain insights to optimize & automate business processes.

Identity Management

Natifi’s robust identity management solution lets stakeholders control the access to forms, workflows, data & analytics models and other features of the platform. This helps SMEs & enterprises improve data security, simplify user management, minimize IT costs & boost productivity.

Smart Automation

Our Ai-powered no-code platform helps organizations bypass the workflow roadblocks with the help of intelligent & automated workflows. Leverage enterprise-wide workflow automation to get more visibility into your processes & improve your business outcomes.

Foster Collaboration

Natifi helps stakeholders from various teams to seamlessly connect with each other, share data & reports in real-time, and gather feedback. Leverage intuitive dashboards to track process changes and suggest future courses of action with real-time push notifications.

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