Ai – Powered No-Code Platform 

Manage your Fund the Right way.

Think Fast & Build Fast with Natifi’s Ai-Powered No-Code for Startup Management & Intelligence. 

Still doing things the OLD way?

The VC & Investment community is ripe for a revolution. Today, most investors agree that the way startups are vetted out & invested in needs to change; the process needs to be much more data-driven & automated by leveraging Ai & No-Code technologies. 

Low Dependence on Tech

Low Data Insights

Gaps in Due Dilligence

Less Data-Driven Decisions

Biased Decisions

Prone to Human Error

Want to Experience the Future Impending  Inevitable ?

Reimagine the Venture Capital business with a fresh approach to managing startup applications, analyzing data patterns, and making Ai & analytics-based decision making. Do away with the ugly & fully automate & digitize your technical infrastructure with a click of a button. Leverage our Ai-powered no-code platform to take decisions the right way, the informed way, the only way…  

Enterprise-Grade Mobile & Web Apps

to help automate & digitize the startup application, onboarding & due dillgence process using our no-code workflow builder.

Data Management & Robust Analytics

to collect, analyze & visualize data patterns to take the right decision in an informed manner.

Ai-Assisted Decision Making

using Natifi's proprietary Ai model which leverages past data history & data patterns of decision making.


Choose a Workflow

Choose a ready-made template or create a workflow from scratch using our drag & drop builder. Once complete, our platform will automatically create a mobile & a web app that you can start using to receive startup applications & vetting out opportunities. 


Invite Startups

Once set up, invite startups to apply for funding. Rather than depending on going through long, often manually driven processes to collect data that are prone to human error, automate & digitize your inbound data workflows. 



Collect Data

Collect data in real-time holistically without leaving out any data point. Manage all of your applications in one place rather than having to refer to e-mails, messages, LinkedIn, and so on and subsequently. Let Natifi consolidate & control your data under one roof.


Make a Decision

Make use of Natifi‘s analytics and AI-powered confident score to go the distance. Our AI will help determine the score based on your acceptance & rejection of applications and will learn with time the decisions your firm takes to help you assist in a factual manner the decisions that matter.



Analyze and filter out your data according to custom parameters to understand data patterns, as well as help, take decisions on the data streaming in real-time.