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4 Advantages of RealTime Preview in No-Code Platforms

In the earlier days, developing mobile apps was considered to be a tedious process as it required skilled app developers, testers & a myriad of other relevant personnel.

Fast forward to 2021 & things have completely changed in the app development domain. How?

With the development of Low-Code & No-Code Platforms, both laymen & professional app developers are now able to build intuitive mobile applications for various use cases in minutes. This has resulted in lower app development costs, accelerated app development & deployment times as well as enhanced productivity & business growth.

One of the prominent features of these app development platforms is Real-Time preview which actually results in lower app development & deployment times. So, how does this innovative feature benefit small & large-scale enterprises? Read on to find out!

4 Amazing Advantages of Real Time Preview

1. Simplified App Testing

If you went back 6 to 8 years, you’ll realize that building & testing mobile application was a complicated & time-consuming process. To be frank, nothing was simple!

But, with advancements in technology, mobile app development became easier due to the introduction of No-Code & Low-Code Platforms. As the names imply, these app development platforms empower users to seamlessly build & deploy an easy-to-use mobile application for various use cases in minutes. But, that’s not all!

No-Code Platforms encourage users to test the mobile apps that they just built on their mobile device. All that users need to do is scan a QR code or enter a web URL provided by the app development platform & boom! You start using your mobile app on your smartphone. This might’ve been considered impossible 5 years back but not anymore!

You can easily check out all the important features & functions of your mobile app to see whether they are working properly or not. If you are not satisfied with a particular design or a feature, then you can simply go back to the app builder & make the necessary changes within minutes.

Therefore, one of the foremost benefits of Real-Time Preview in No-Code Platforms is the ability to seamlessly test your mobile app without any extensive procedures.

2. Error/Bug Finding becomes Easy

Generally, almost all No-Code App Development Platforms offer an unlimited editing feature that users can leverage to fix errors or mistakes within seconds.

So, the Real-Time Preview feature not only helps you to not only use your mobile app on your smartphone but also helps you to seamlessly check for any errors, bugs or critical fixes.

This convenience was not present in code-based mobile app development platforms because your app had to go through a battery of tests before it was available for preview. If these tests detected any errors then you had to write the code again to fix the errors & then go for a preview.

Since No-Code Platforms simplify the app development process for both Android& iOS, you can build & test your mobile apps in both these operating systems with ease.

3. You Can Easily Fix Critical Errors or Bugs in Minutes

No-Code Platforms are all about ease of app development. Not only can you find errors in your mobile app in minutes but you can also fix them with the help of the unlimited editing feature.

All you need to do is find any errors or mistakes while getting a real-time preview of your mobile application & then head back to the mobile form builder. There you can click on the edit button of any feature, design element or widget to seamlessly update, replace or delete it in seconds.

Once that is done, simply go back to the Real-Time preview section, scan the QR code & test your mobile app to finalize it for deployment.

4. Accelerated App Deployment & Publishing

Traditional app development might offer various perks to professional app developers. However, one thing that hampers this type of app development process is the time & the efforts required to build an app for a particular use case.

But, when it comes to No-Code Platforms, almost anyone can login to the portal & leverage the drag & drop builder to seamlessly build an enterprise-grade application or an Ecommerce mobile app in minutes without having to write a single line of code.

Due to such simplified app development processes, users can accelerate app deployment via QR code scan (if they don’t want to publish the app) or seamlessly build an app & submit a publish request to get the app published on Google or Apple App Store in a few business days.

These are 4 exciting advantages of RealTime Preview that are offered by No-Code Platforms. If you are planning to build an enterprise mobile application then you should head over to Natifi. It is a powerful No-Code App Development Platform that offers intuitive features like Drag & Drop Builder, Customizations, Workflows, Real-Time Preview & more to simplify & accelerate the app development & deployment process.