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4 Benefits of Using Automated Data Capture Instead of Manually Entering Data

Today’s digital era is a result of years of hard work & innovations. In this digital age, when automation is gradually taking over operational activities of a business, many companies are still using manual data collection methods.

But, as we all know, manual data collection processes are complicated & require a huge number of skilled personnel (depends on the type of data collection activity). These processes also consume a lot of resources and many times the data which is collected will end up being inaccurate resulting in huge losses for the company.

On the other hand, if you choose to make data collection automated in your enterprise, then it can bring a host of benefits. So, let’s look at 4 prominent benefits of automated data collection over manual data collection methods.

4 Benefits of Data Collection Automation

  1. Less Number of Errors & Costs Associated with It

As we discussed earlier, manual data collection can be riddled with errors. How?

Let’s take a simple example. You are tasked with collecting data for a company. They need feedback about a recently launched product. So, you need to go from house to house & ask customers who have purchased the product. You might ask questions (close-ended, open-ended), hold interviews & other query-based activities. In order to note down all the feedback, if you use a notebook or any other paper-based form/register, then it becomes a huge task. It also leads to mistakes that will result in inaccurate data collection. If such data is analyzed to improve a product/service, then it can have disastrous effects on the company’s productivity & revenue.

Instead, you can leverage an easy-to-use mobile application which can be customized to include task-specific forms. So, now you just need to frame the queries/questions & feed them into the app. As the customer gives feedback, you can easily enter that data in the mobile application. This data is then readily transferred to the on-site team who can analyze the feedback and improve the products. This means minimal errors & accurate data can easily help your company to drive business growth.

Similarly, large & small enterprises can leverage such powerful yet easy-to-use mobile applications to make data collection automated & reap the benefits of accurate data as per their business needs.

  1. Enhanced Employee Satisfaction

Manual data collection is a complicated task & it results in physical & mental fatigue. Imagine the same person going out daily to collect data on paper-based forms or records.

However, if you replace these manual processes with digital data collection methods, then it can reduce the stress faced by employees since they have to ensure correct data entries. By leveraging a mobile data collection app or easy-to-use software, employees can readily enter correct & valid data. Employees don’t need to separately spend additional time to validate data since everything is being done in real-time i.e. data entry, validation, seamless transfer to on-site analysts (field data collection).

Therefore, it is an obvious fact that employees will enjoy greater satisfaction since they can give their 100% and all of the data that they collect doesn’t go waste.

  1. Quicker Forms Processing

When you were in school, you had to give a lot of tests. Many of them are periodic ones but sometimes the teacher might’ve taken some surprise tests to check whether students are studying properly. While giving a surprise test is a challenge in itself, imagine the amount of time required in correcting the papers. Once that is done, the teacher needs to enter the marks into a register for future reference. If he/she maintains another register which states the number of correct & incorrect answers, then maintaining that becomes an additional burden. All of these tasks require enormous efforts, time & energy.

Replace the manual entry of marks & allied data with a form-based mobile app data entry process. Now, the teacher can readily enter marks within seconds. No more manual efforts & fatigue!

This also results in faster data input & processing as the concerned personnel can easily enter data in a mobile app as opposed to paper-based forms/records. Not only that but the data collection app can process multiple forms & store the concerned data securely.

  1. Digital Data Capture methods reduce costs

Paper is costly & in order to acquire it, you need to cut down trees. That is why many environmental organizations are urging people to go paperless. While it can lead to more environment-consciousness, it certainly reduces costs for an enterprise. Why?

Enterprises need not spend huge amounts of money in acquiring paper-based forms & registers. Instead, if they invest that much capital in developing enterprise mobile from solutions then it can bring down operational costs & improve productivity. 

These are 4 amazing benefits of automated data collection over manual data entry. If you plan on developing a robust data collection app, then you should check out Datafi. It is a powerful mobile app builder that lets you build enterprise-grade mobile applications within a matter of minutes.