5 Most Efficient Tools to Develop your Very Own Mobile App

5 Most Efficient Tools to Develop your Very Own Mobile App

This is the new digital age and everybody must be updated with these dynamic trends. So, to keep up with this new age, every business is going digital with their mobile applications – the latest trend of digitization.

The technology is advancing at such a rapid speed that something new is happening every other day – a breakthrough or innovation. Because of these innovations, developing mobile apps has never been easier than it is today. And is bound to become simpler in the coming times.

But with these easy solutions, there is also a chaos of so many mobile app development tools that can spin your head with confusion. To clear this confusion, check out these mobile app development tools that would make your work easier, simpler and less time-taking.

  • Xamarin

Xamarin is one of the most widely used app development tools for Android, iOS, and Windows. This Microsoft-owned software company is being built on C# programming language and it runs on .NET common language infrastructure. Cloud services can be accessed on Xamarin so that you can test multiple numbers of devices. Moreover, with the help of this tool, communication can also be enhanced with the API of mobile devices. 

The cross-platform framework of Xamarin allows to access data across multiple platforms and you can also reuse business logic layers with its help. Xamarin these days is ruling cross-platform app development due to its ability to integrate with free and paid components like UI controls and third-party web services. You can also integrate backend components like Microsoft Azure and Salesforce easily.

  • Appcelerator

Your app development process is not going as efficiently as you thought? Use Appcelerator – as the name itself suggests, Appcelerator accelerates the app development process as it allows you to develop the app with fewer lines of code.

Appcelerator uses JavaScript and XML languages to build both native and cross-platform mobile applications. Apart from Android, iOS, and Windows, it also offers over 5000 APIs for browser-based HTML5 applications.

A vast community of developers uses this tool. What makes it unique is that it offers an open mobile marketplace where developers can come and share their modules, templates, and extensions which can then be bought by other interested developers.

  • PhoneGap

PhoneGap is yet another cross-platform mobile app development tool. With open source licensing, the tool works on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript languages. With this tool, you also get a framework that is integrated with a large library of components that would improve the functionality of your app immensely.

The most attractive feature of using PhoneGap is that you can create a single app. That single app, apart from Android, iOS, and Windows, would also be compatible with other less common platforms like Symbian, Blackberry and iTouch. This feature would save a lot of time and boost your app development process.

So this open source license tool with so much flexibility is an absolute boon for app developers.

  • Sencha Touch

Sencha is a mobile application development tool that allows users to use the app through the touch of their fingertips rather than mouse or keys. This tool gives your apps a higher level of responsiveness and your customers a higher level of satisfaction. With this web app development tool, you can also integrate high-performance UI widgets for menus, lists, forms, and toolbars. 

Sencha is compatible with the latest versions of platforms like Android, iOS, and Blackberry. This tool has a JavaScript framework and you can easily translate your codes with another mobile app development tool.

  • Natifi

Natifi is another brilliant tool that allows developers to build amazing mobile apps in no time. The most amazing thing about Natifi is that it is user-friendly and even a non-techie can build apps with ease using this tool. With Natifi, native apps can be conveniently built for both Android and iOS platforms. Natifi provides you with one of the most convenient data management with easy customizations.

Another plus factor is the inbuilt analytics dashboard with which you can gain the most informational insights about your app and your users. The insights help tremendously in customer retention and to maximize the revenue from the app.