5G – Future of Mobile Apps

5G – Future of Mobile Apps

The communication technologies are advancing faster than ever. So are the mobile networks – from 2G to 3G and then 3G to 4G, we are now only months away to witness another revolution in the form of 5G wireless cellular network.

More than anyone else, mobile app developers should take note, because 2.6 billion 5G networks subscriptions are expected to be running by the year 2025. So, all of you mobile app developers out there, develop your new apps considering 5G connectivity in your minds. This connectivity will allow you to enhance your vision and think out of the box in many terms. 

Check out these points to understand better, how 5G connectivity will make the mobile apps more efficient and smoother; and how you can make out the best of this technology.

  • Faster Speeds

The majority of mobile apps today revolve around the transfer of data. The 5G network will revolutionize the data transfer speed that is expected to be 10 times higher than that of a 4G network. The sky-high network speed will allow users to transfer images and files in no time. 5G network means that you will be able to stream 4K and 360° videos smoother than ever, so that now developers have to build streaming apps that would run such heavy videos with ease. With the speed of a 5G network, downloading and uploading will also become painless and easy.

With this mind-blowing speed, latency periods will significantly decrease, making the mobile apps and websites open instantly.

  • Amazing Innovative Feature

Once 5G technology comes out, numerous innovative features that are only there in the minds of tech geniuses yet will start to roll out into the market. Areas, where most innovations are expected to happen, are IoT (Internet of Things) and virtual and augmented reality apps. These new features would enhance the UI (User Interface) of the mobile apps, which in turn would lead to mind-blowing user experience. App developers again take note, because customer satisfaction means an increase in the app revenue.

  • Better Navigation

The location tracking is expected to be much more accurate with 5G technology. This technology will be able to track the location with an accuracy of 1 meter, which is 10-500 meters on the existent 4G networks. This accuracy will enhance the quality of navigational apps and will immensely help people to reach from one place to another.

Apps like Google Earth that are monumental in this field require a high data transfer. With oncoming 5G technology, the app will become so much more efficient and revolutionary.

The tourism industry is expected to be benefitted the most with the advancement of 5G technology. So, navigational mobile apps can make the best out of it and they must gear themselves up for the opportunity.  

  • Incredible Gaming Experience

The new 5G technology will take the gaming experience to a whole other level. This technology will significantly improve 3D models, and hence, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality). Some heavy games also require massive amounts of data transfer. 5G, with high speed and low latency, will remarkably ease the data transfer to provide gamers with an even more immersive experience.

3D models will not only help in gaming but many different areas like construction and education as well.

  • Multiple App Versions

More than an opportunity, this is a challenge that mobile app developers would have to face. The subscription of 5G mobile networks is expected to rise gradually with time. To counter this, app developers would have to create multiple app versions because not everyone would have access to a 5G network at once. It would take time for the majority of users to upgrade from 4G to 5G. For this majority of the population who would still be using older 2G, 3G and 4G at that time, app developers would have to create multiple app versions to keep every user in the loop.

5G technology is expected to be a game-changing one. Faster speed, minimum or no latency and higher bandwidth, all of these factors are going to change the future of mobile apps. You just have to wait and watch. And meanwhile, develop your apps in a way to take the maximum benefit of this revolutionary technology.