Common Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make

6 Common Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make Everyday

In an era of cutting-edge no-code platforms & agile app deployment times, it is highly unlikely that app developers will commit mistakes while developing mobile apps. 

However, no one is perfect. Everyone commits mistakes. But the important part is that we should learn from those mistakes & implement the new solutions to improve the product i.e., mobile application. 

For people who are developing a mobile application for the first time, things can be challenging. You might come across hurdles that would hamper the entire mobile app development process. 

But, Fret not! For there are some common mobile app development mistakes that you can easily avoid to create a powerful mobile application for your enterprise. Let’s learn about them so that you won’t have to make the same mistakes.

6 Common Mistakes App Developers Make Everyday 

App developers, especially beginners can make many errors while developing a mobile application. Nobody wants to make mistakes since it consumes a lot of time to fix the errors & build an app efficiently. 

A surprising fact is that the most common mistakes in a mobile app development process can be easily avoided if the app developer had sufficient information beforehand. 

So, let’s look at 6 common mistakes in mobile app development that you should avoid. By avoiding such mistakes, you will effortlessly improve your chances of building a robust app. 

Poor mobile UI – A Disaster Waiting to Happen 

A Beginner or a professional mobile app developer? Anybody can make the mistake of incorporating a Poor Mobile UI in the app. 

Let’s say that you created a mobile app that has poor user interface & deployed/published it for enterprise use. The employees & clients that use this app will readily notice the low-quality UI. 

As days progress, this substandard UI will eventually impact employee productivity. But, how can that happen? 

In today’s era, where agility with quality matters, a poor UI can certainly slow down the workflow. This hampers employee functionality if he/she is someone who is involved in:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Management
  • Generating Reports 

Thus, app developers must design a functional yet appropriate UI that can help employees to seamlessly carry out their work. This naturally enhances employee productivity & accelerates business growth. 

Neglecting Research – A Critical Mistake to Avoid 

In an era of No Code or Low code platforms, it is a common fact that enterprises push app development & deployment times. 

But this is one of the most common mobile application development mistakes that any organization should avoid. But, why would anyone want to slow down their app development times? 

While it is easy to create an app within a few hours or even a few minutes, spending enough time on researching can go a long way in helping you to create an app that can power your enterprises like never before! 

You can invest your time in activities like: 

  • Learning from case studies 
  • Conducting Surveys 
  • Going through customer reviews 
  • Understanding customer requirements 

These research activities will certainly give wonderful insights that you can use to develop a robust mobile app for your enterprise.  

Excessive Features – Unsatisfactory Experience 

An app developer might be tempted to add a truckload of features into their mobile app. Superficially, it might look like a good idea but it is one of the most terrible mobile app development mistakes to avoid. 

Stuffing an enterprise mobile app with a plethora of features can cause confusion among employees/clients. How?

  • They will have a hard time understanding the app features.
  • Difficulty in using the app due to excessive functions/features.
  • Additional training for employees/clients might be required. 

Stick to the core features to simplify your mobile app!

Poor Budget Management – Hinders Mobile App Development 

Before you hop on to the process of developing a mobile application, it is important to understand budget management. 

If you do not give enough attention to this aspect, then it can turn out to be one of the biggest mobile app development mistakes. 

You need not have an accurate estimate of each aspect of mobile app development. A rough idea is just fine. But you also need to factor in the additional costs that can come up due to ever-changing mobile app development trends. 

Some of these trends that can be integrated into your mobile app are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning 
  • Cloud services 

These integrations can impact the overall app development budget. So, ensure that you prepare a robust budget to reduce unexpected delays & accelerate mobile app development. 

Too Many Platforms – Divided Attention 

It is important to create a native mobile app for different mobile operating systems since not everyone uses the same mobile OS on their smartphones.

Frantically creating mobile applications for Android & iOS operating systems can be one of the biggest mobile application development mistakes since it requires more resources.  

If you are planning to create your first mobile app for an enterprise, stick to a mobile OS that is common among the employees. This will reduce additional development costs & burden on the organization. 

Once your company employees get a feel of the mobile app, you can use a mobile app builder to seamlessly build a native mobile application for other mobile operating systems. 

Mirroring your website – Less Effective in The Long Run 

Mirroring a website seems like a lucrative alternative to a mobile app. However, it is one of the most common mobile app development mistakes that businesses can make. 

The reason being, a website is not similar to a mobile app. The font size, color schemes & the intuitive feel that a mobile app gives is far more superior to an app that mirrors the website. 

Companies who want to ensure high productivity & employee satisfaction should stick to developing a mobile application since it brings a host of benefits as compared to a mirrored website on an app. These are 6 common mistakes that app developers make every day. However, with this crucial information, you can easily avoid such slip-ups. Want to build a world-class mobile app for your enterprise? Then you should check out a groundbreaking No Code Platform called Natifi. It helps amateur & professional app developers to build & deploy powerful enterprise-grade mobile apps by using features like Drag & Drop, Unlimited Editing & Real-Time Preview.