6 Tips to get a user friendly app design for your Enterprise App

6 UI/UX Tips to Make Your Enterprise App More User-Friendly

While designing an enterprise-grade mobile app, it is essential to follow some important mobile app design guidelines to simplify the user experience. If you start adding design elements, fonts or widgets that are difficult to use, then it will hamper the user-experience which in turn will impact the productivity of employees.

That is why we have curated some useful UI/UX tips that will help you to make your enterprise-grade mobile application more user-friendly.

Tips to Get a User-Friendly App Design for your Enterprise App

1. Offer Seamless Navigation

Whenever you open a mobile app, you want to quickly go to a particular place (be it menu, settings or a particular feature) without any hindrances. This is what seamless navigation is all about.

Call it seamless or simple – The idea is to enable users to quickly & easily use your mobile application’s features. How can this be made possible?

  • Make sure that all the important functions/features of your mobile app are easily accessible.
  • Don’t make the user switch to different screens to find a particular feature.
  • Make the menu section easy to understand.
  • It would be great if you provide an introduction to all the necessary features of your enterprise-grade mobile app. This will help users to quickly understand the features of your mobile app.
  • Make the animations as smooth & intuitive as possible.

2. Provide Simple Forms

Who doesn’t like simplicity? And When it comes to Enterprise-grade mobile apps, organizations want to ensure that any form of data collection/data entry is made as quickly as possible. This helps the employees to improve their productivity because they can make quick data entries.

So, how to make mobile forms simple?

If your main objective is to collect data to simplify workflows then just add text boxes & other sections like image/video picker so that your employees can just tap on them to enter the data.

If you want various types of data then you can further add other widgets like location, checkboxes & relevant components that will help your, employees, to seamlessly add data.

3. Eliminate the Clutter

Many times, mobile app developers tend to dump unnecessary features & glitchy UI/UX elements that tend to ruin the end-user experience.

However, you can avoid such mistakes by reducing the amount of clutter i.e., unnecessary features, clean & minimalistic user interface so that your employees can easily find what they need. This will reduce the confusion & help users to easily enter data.

4. Leverage Touch Controls

Let’s take a simple example – You are building a data collection application that has various widgets. Some of the widgets might include date/time picker, image/video picker, signature & more.

In the case of date or time picker, you want to keep the data entry process as easy as possible. Instead of making the user type the time or date, enable them to scroll the time/date entry. This will help them to quickly add the date or time for a particular data entry.

Similarly, help users to seamlessly add videos or images with a simple click. Such touch-based controls will reduce the time required for data entry. Don’t forget to add data validation as it will ensure accurate data entry.

5. Provide Large Touch Areas

Imagine this – You are using a mobile application that has very small icons. You cannot easily touch them to open up the features or settings. Obviously, you’ll get frustrated trying to just open a menu bar or a text box to enter data. Therefore, it is necessary to offer large touch areas/icons so that users will find it easy to click on icons or features to use them.

6. Ensure Consistency of Design

It is important to incorporate a consistent design philosophy when it comes to various screens of your mobile app. You want to make sure that all the pages of your mobile app carry similar design elements i.e., colors, logos, widgets & others. This will help your users to seamlessly navigate various screens of the mobile app without being confused.

These are 6 UI/UX tips that you can leverage to incorporate a user friendly app design in your enterprise mobile app. If you are planning to build an enterprise app that has a clean UI/UX with user-friendly features then should check out Natifi. Natifi is a feature-rich no-code platform that enables you to seamlessly build enterprise mobile applications within minutes.