Mobile Data Collection App

8 Industries that can use a Mobile Data Collection App

Tourism, banking, oil & gas, electricity & many other industries have been using traditional data collection techniques for decades. These techniques have brought good returns to businesses. However, such collection of data was manual, cumbersome & full of errors. 

Many leading enterprises & startups understood the complexities of traditional data collection system software. Hence, they started looking out for new & innovative ways to streamline the collection of data. This is where a mobile data collection application comes into the picture.

Mobile data gathering apps are transforming the way businesses collect & analyze data. They are portable, easy-to-use & cost-effective. Let’s learn about 8 industries that can use a mobile data collection app to drive their business growth & improve organizational efficiencies.

Amazing Benefits of a Mobile Data Collection App

  • No need for comprehensive training to operate mobile apps.
  • Portable & easy to use.
  • Quicker collection of data as compared to traditional methods 
  • Minimizes errors in the collection of data.
  • Third-party integrations for business scalability.
  • Seamless Data management via an all-in-one data management dashboard.

8 Industries that can use a Mobile Data Collection App

Various industries are adopting an enterprise-grade mobile application to streamline their data collection procedures. Here are 8 industries that can leverage a mobile data collection app:


The farm produce & allied products from the agricultural industry are the reason why everyone can live a comfortable life. 

But, the agriculture industry is currently under a lot of stress due to factors like increased soil degradation, rising pollution & excessive water consumption. Since technologies are evolving, agricultural practices should also evolve. 

In such cases, a mobile data collection app can make a huge difference. Businesses & farmers can leverage a mobile app to seamlessly conduct an agricultural survey, field inspection, harvest declaration, field monitoring & many other crucial data collection-based activities.

Business Services

Business services offered by professionals & companies had a hard time collecting data that comprises the number of customers availing services, expense reports, daily office cleaning checklist & more. 

However, the advancement of technologies has brought forth digital revolution & mobile apps are at the forefront of this phenomenon. Organizations providing business services can seamlessly use a mobile data collection app to ease the entire process of data collection. No need to depend on paper-based forms for surveys & incident reports. Simply enter the data into the mobile app & manage it from an intuitive data management dashboard.

Companies & startups offering business services can also create an amazing mobile data collection app by leveraging an easy-to-use Mobile app builder called Natifi. It boasts of wonderful features like Industry-standard ready-made apps, drag & drop, real-time preview & more that can be leveraged to create a mobile app within a few minutes.


Retail businesses used to have extensive data collection procedures to know about in-store challenges & market trends. Since retailers depend on consumers for their business, they need to collect data that can be used to enhance customer experience & boost business growth.

The traditional collection of data is cumbersome & marred with mistakes. But fret not! Technological advancements have brought easy-to-use mobile applications for consumers & businesses. Mobile apps are increasingly being adopted by retail businesses to accelerate business growth & improve operational efficiencies.

A mobile data collection app can be used to easily know customer preferences & customer satisfaction reports. Other data collecting activities via a mobile application include product pricing survey, store audit, pest control inspection, mall maintenance checklist & more. 


Mobile data collection apps can bring a host of benefits for the tourism industry. This industry is mostly dependent on tourists & seasonal travellers.

Mobile apps collect important data that can be used by tourism service providers to enhance customer experience & improve revenue generation. Some applications of mobile data collection apps comprise a survey of places of worship, a survey of the number of tourists visiting a particular place, revenue generated from entry tickets & more.

Tourism-based businesses can also use a mobile app builder called Natifi to create personalized mobile apps that can collect data & facilitate seamless data management.

Humanitarian Aid

Organizations who provide humanitarian aid can use a mobile application to collect crucial data of the activities conducted by them.

COVID-19 is one of the biggest pandemics that has struck humanity. Other region-specific viral infections like Ebola, swine flu & more are affecting many people. Government, non-profit & medical organizations providing aid can use data collection apps to streamline data gathering activities like aid facility inspection, ebola infection data form, COVID field level monitoring. The data collected can then be used to understand the efficiency of humanitarian aid provided. It can also be leveraged to improve services for patients.


The hospitality industry is regarded as one of the largest industries in the world. Businesses based on this industry had to depend on paper forms & surveys to know about customer experience, in-house inventory requirements & more.

However, such a business can take advantage of a simple mobile data collection app to gather important data. Some applications a mobile-based data gathering app include mobile health inspection checklist, restaurant inventory app, wedding planning app & others.

Hospitality sector-based businesses can develop world-class mobile apps with the help of a mobile app builder like Natifi. No need for skilled mobile app developers or testers. Simply drag & drop features, edit the design & publish app within a few days to start using it to collect data & boost business growth. 


The education sector predominantly depended on paper-based data collection activities i.e attendance reports, student performance reports, teacher performance reports & more.

But, with a mobile data collection app, these data gathering activities can be simplified. Since mobile apps are easy-to-use, employees need not get trained to use the apps. They just need to download & start using the app for seamless data collection & management. 

Environmental Services

Protecting the environment is a responsibility that everyone has to undertake. Many organizations are providing environmental services to promote sustainability of Mother Earth.

Such organizations can easily collect data with the help of mobile data gathering apps. Such apps can be used to simplify air pollution perception surveys, field inspection reports, hazardous waste inspection reports & more.

These are 8 industries that can use a mobile data collection app to improve employee & customer satisfaction, reduce costs & enhance business productivity. Businesses need not necessarily hire skilled app developers, marketing people & testers to build a mobile app. Here is a simple way to make a professional data gathering app within a few minutes.

How to Create an App for Data Collection in a few minutes?

  1. Use a professional mobile app builder like Natifi instead of traditional mobile development methods.
  2. Leverage powerful features such as drag & drop to seamlessly pick & place the app functionalities in seconds.
  3. Choose a theme, color scheme & icons to personalize your app.
  4. If you don’t like a particular feature, simple edit, replace or remove it with the unlimited editing feature.
  5. Preview your customized data collection app in real-time with the help of the real-time preview options.
  6. Submit a publish request on Google Play Store or Apple App Store to get your custom mobile data collection app published within a few business days.

Thus, professional app developers & amateurs can create an efficient data collection app & use it to drive business growth & maximize ROI. Want to build an enterprise-grade data collection app? Then you should check out Natifi. It is a powerful no-code platform that boasts of amazing features like drag & drop, unlimited editing, real-time preview & more.