No Code Application Development Platforms

Accelerate Development and Scaling with No Code Platforms

Ever heard about Legos? Or Did you ever get a DIY kit during your childhood where you can easily build cool things by simply connecting a set of blocks, wires or fixtures?

In both scenarios, there is one common point – You don’t have to build the blocks (in Legos) or the wires, fixtures (in DIY kits). They are already made available to you. So, all you need to do is connect them and build different types of things. The same principle applies to No-Code Platforms.

What are they? And how can they accelerate development & scaling in enterprises? Read on to find out!

What is a No Code Platform?

As the name implies, No-Code Platforms empower both laymen and professional developers to build sophisticated end-to-end enterprise solutions with the help of a complete visual development interface.

This means – You don’t have to write long lines of code, check it, test it, find bugs, rewrite the code and then deploy new software or application.

Instead, you use pre-built templates, widgets, features and design components (same as the Legos we talked about) to quickly build sophisticated enterprise applications (web and mobile) in minutes.

Why is there an increasing need for No Code App Platforms?

According to a leading report, the low-code and no-code market has already exceeded a whopping USD 15 Billion and is projected to grow at a rapid rate in the years to come. In addition to that, the growth rate of low-code/no-code platform adoption is around 50% each year.

So, what makes no-code an excellent alternative to traditional code-based platforms?

Let us take a simple example:

An organization wants to build a mobile or web application with the help of code-based platforms. Therefore, they require:

  • A skilled developer – There is a dearth of high-quality developers in the job market currently.
  • The complexity – You need to write long lines of code which can be marred with mistakes due to manual efforts.
  • Time –It takes a lot of time to write code, test it and fix the bugs if found.
  • Resources – Apart from huge capital, you also need a team of creative personnel, managers and team members to develop, deploy and maintain a particular software or application.
  • Rigidity –Developers hired for a particular software/application development will only focus on that. They will not able to give additional time to build apps for individuals or small teams across an enterprise.

See the aforementioned lengthy processes? These traditional methods lower productivity, lead to bottlenecks which in turn hampers the entire organizational efficiency.

This is why Enterprises, Startups and SMEs need no-code platforms now more than ever before!

Benefits of No Code Platforms Over Traditional Development

1. Build Faster

With no-code platforms, organizations can greatly accelerate application/software development due to innovative capabilities like pre-built features, modules, templates, logic, data models and processes.

All you need to do is leverage the visual & intuitive drag and drop builder to quickly and seamlessly build enterprise-grade applications (web & mobile) in a matter of minutes.

The best part about no-code platforms is that you can easily eliminate lengthy and complex processes like writing code and testing involved in traditional development. This not only saves time but reduces human error too!

According to a leading report low-code/no-code platforms have the potential to make the entire application/software development up to 10x faster than traditional development.

With so many benefits enterprises are bound to shift from traditional to no-code platforms.

2. Ability to Adapt to Changes

Traditional development platforms are known to be rigid – in terms of making changes during development or restructuring the entire development process.

To put it simply – once development teams go beyond planning, they can’t do much. They simply need to go back to the drawing board and any little software/application development work that was done will go down the drain.

But no-code platforms are the complete opposite. Since these platforms work on the building-block concept, you can easily add or remove the different core and design components according to your business needs. The unlimited editing feature lets you make changes in a matter of seconds.

You don’t ever have to go back to the drawing board once your software/application development planning is done!

3. Encourages Citizen Development

No-code platforms can also be called Citizen Development Platforms simply because non-technical personnel, business users and laymen can easily build sophisticated end-to-end enterprise solutions in minutes. This means no-code platforms empower almost everyone and not just professionals to build complex web and mobile applications with zero coding knowledge.

What does this mean for enterprises? – Accelerated development and scaling!

IT departments that are already busy with truckloads of work can now assign development tasks like building supply chain, field management & workflow management solutions to citizen developers.

This is how organizations can accelerate development and scale with No Code App Platforms. Want to leverage no-code platforms to accelerate & simplify development in your enterprise? Why not check out Natifi?

Natifi is a powerful Ai-powered No-Code Platform that is empowering startups, SMEs and large organizations to build end-to-end Field Service Management, Grant Management, Supply Chain Management Solutions and many other intuitive web & mobile applications for a variety of use-cases. Leverage these powerful applications to eliminate bottlenecks& dependencies, optimize processes and drive business growth!