Drag & Drop Builder

Advantages of Drag & Drop Builder in No-Code Platforms

No-Code Platforms are proving to be a boon for various enterprises as they simplify & accelerate App Development. One of the chief reasons for the accelerated app development & deployment is the presence of the Drag & Drop Builder.

As the name implies, this feature literally means that you can drag & drop design elements, features or widgets to build your mobile app. So, what is No Code Development all about? What benefits does the intuitive Drag and Drop App Builder entail? Read on to find out!

What is No Code Development?

No Code App Development allows non-programmers & programmers to build an application without the use of code.

So, how do you build a mobile app?

By using a Visual Environment or a Graphical User Interface to drag & drop elements, leverage form validation properties, test mobile app via Real-Time Preview & do many more things!

Advantages of Drag & Drop Builder in No-Code Platforms

1. You can Stop Running Behind App Developers

If you go back 10 years, you’ll realize that building an app wasn’t easy. People were starting to get accustomed to using mobile applications & there were hardly a few applications that were deemed useful.

Building those apps was no ordinary feat as you had to hire a group of developers, coders, testers & other skilled personnel. They had to brainstorm for days or even weeks & spend additional time to write code & build the mobile app. But, that’s not all! You had to test the app through various scenarios and also use various testing scripts to find bugs & critical fixes.

The entire traditional mobile app development process was time consuming & cumbersome.

This trend went on until the last couple of years when No-Code Platform came into the picture. Naturally, people were skeptical about these app development platforms at first. However, the concept of No Coding quickly gained traction among various small & large businesses. Why?

You don’t need to code anymore to build a mobile app! All you need to do is drag & drop design elements, features, widgets & other components to quickly build a mobile application in minutes.

Dragging & Dropping components were considered to be an innovation as it is the fastest way to build a mobile application. No Coding Required!

If in case you want to test your mobile app then most No-Code platforms offered Real-Time Preview which minimizes the app testing &deployment times to a few minutes!

So, how does a Drag & Drop-based No-Code Platform benefit you?

No need to hire skilled personnel to build your mobile app. You can build it yourself in minutes!

2. No More Delays in App Development

Traditional app development was marred with delays caused due to wrong code, the prevalence of bugs or critical fixes. If the creative team had a few changes to suggest, then writing code for those changes took days or even months.

But a No Code Development Platform doesn’t come with these limitations. The features, design elements, widgets & other components have to be decided by you or an app developer that you recently hired.

No need for huge app development teams to brainstorm for your mobile app. If your enterprise needs a data collection mobile app or an inspection mobile app, then you can easily drag & drop a bunch of text boxes, leverage form validation & build a mobile app in minutes.

Want to deploy the app? Take advantage of the Real-Time Preview feature via the QR Code scan to deploy your mobile app across various locations in minutes!

No-Code Platforms make App Development & App Deployment as easy as ordering a pizza!

3. Simply Drag & Drop to Build Your Personalized Mobile App

One of the easiest features of a No Code Development Platform is the Drag & Drop Builder.
Choose features, design elements, widgets or other components that you need for your mobile app. Now, pick them & Drop them in the Mobile Form Builder. You can change the location of the widgets, features or design elements by simply dragging & dropping them from one place to another.

Editing the properties of your widgets is also pretty easy in No-Code Platforms. All you need to do is click on the edit button & place form validation rules, rename the widget or put placeholders. Then once you save the changes, all the new features will automatically sync in the No Code Platform. After that, you can easily deploy the app & your employees can start entering the data about inventories, inspections or surveys with ease.

4. Found Errors? Make Changes in Your App in Minutes

No-Code Enterprise App Development Platforms enable you to leverage the Real-Time Preview Feature to test your mobile application in Real-Time.

After testing the app, if you come across errors, bugs or critical fixes, then you can easily go back to the Drag & Drop Builder and make the necessary changes as per your business requirements.

Simply test the modified mobile application again to finalize your mobile app for deployment! Sound pretty convenient, right?

When you compare this testing process to the traditional app testing process, then you will realize the amazing benefits of Drag & Drop builder & Real-Time Preview features of No-Code Platforms.

5. Take Advantage of Various Widgets to Incorporate Features

No Code App Development Platforms offer an intuitive Mobile Form Builder that includes various widgets like Text Boxes, Image/Video Picker, Location, Date/Time Picker, Signature & more.

If you had to incorporate such widgets in a mobile app the traditional way, it would take a week or maybe even more!

This is why No-Code Platforms are gain prominence among various businesses as you can incorporate necessary features in your mobile app via the drag & drop builder & deploy it within minutes!

These are a few exciting advantages of No-Code Platforms. Want to build an easy-to-use mobile app for your enterprise? Then you should head over to Natifi. Natifi is an innovative No-Code App Development Platform that features Drag & Drop Builder, Real-Time Preview, Unlimited Editing & other features to simplify the entire app development process for Enterprises.