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A Citizen developer can be a budding technology enthusiast, a highly motivated business user or even you! Citizen development is all about empowering business users who have minimal or zero knowledge of coding to build end-to-end enterprise business solutions.

Leading reports state that IT teams are being bogged down by increasing requests for new enterprise solutions. On the other hand, employees are leveraging traditional systems to solve their business problems which have led to a cumbersome network of IT solutions. Natifi intends to address these challenges by offering an innovative no-code platform that simplifies & accelerates the entire process of app development!

Build Great Solutions Faster with Natifi

Leverage Natifi’s No-Code capabilities to seamlessly develop comprehensive business solutions to improve productivity, assist IT teams & meet rising application demands.

Our end-to-end no-code platform empowers business users & non-technical personnel to unleash innovative applications across various levels of the enterprise.

Free up your IT teams by assigning web & mobile app development tasks for business-specific use cases to citizen developers.

Integrate existing data & systems with sophisticated end-to-end solutions built on Natifi to modernize your enterprise.

Benefits of Citizen Development

Democratize Technology

The shortage of skilled developers in enterprises is well-known. No-Code platforms like Natifi aim to plug this gap by empowering business users & non-technical personnel to build apps that address immediate business needs.

Build More Apps in Less Time

Almost every company out there leverages software & easy-to-use applications to streamline workflows, boost productivity, facilitate innovation & generate more revenue. No-Code platforms simplify the entire app development process to help enterprises meet the growing demand for apps quickly. 

Improve Business Productivity

Empowering business users, non-technical & highly-focused employees to build their own apps helps enterprises lower operating costs, reduce the app backlog, improve productivity & drive business growth.

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