Citizen Development Platforms

Citizen Development: No-Code Revolution Organizations Should Go All-In On

In today’s digital era, most organizations are operating at blazing fast speeds. Software development and digital transformation efforts that once took years must now be completed in mere months.

With such a competitive development environment, developers are burdened with a never-ending demand for enterprise business solutions by business leaders, project managers and other teams.

Building all of these solutions requires a large team of developers, a truckload of resources (maybe even more!) and most importantly TIME.

“Time is one factor that can make or break an organization”


Take more time to build a software/application and it will result in bottlenecks, improper business processes and losses. But, take less time to build the same application and you can eliminate the bottlenecks, optimize processes and drive growth!

This is where Citizen Development comes to the fore. This trailblazing development platform is helping organizations quickly build customized enterprise technology solutions, deploy remote workforces, streamline mission-critical projects& niche pain points with ease.

What is a Citizen Developer?

A citizen developer can be a business user, a non-technical user, a professional developer or an employee at a higher level (supervisors or project managers) who leverages cutting-edge no code app platforms to build sophisticated software/tools/applications quickly. They can use these software, tools or applications themselves or build them for enterprise use.

A citizen developer is not necessarily a targeted role or a title. Instead, it is a persona and anyone can become a citizen developer while executing their pre-existing roles and responsibilities.

Why is Citizen Development needed for Enterprises?

According to leading reports, an average custom software development project can take anywhere between 4 to 4.5 months. On the other hand, a full-fledged software development project can take anywhere between one to nine months.

Wait till you see the other stats of software development:

  • The pre-research phase of software development may cost anywhere between 4,000 to 5,000 dollars.
  • About 10-20% of original software development costs go to the maintenance of the software/applications.
  • A basic software development project with a few set of features usually takes 1.5 to two months.
  • Miscellaneous costs may range anywhere between 3000 to 1,20,000 dollars.

As you can see, traditional application/software development is riddled with time-consuming tasks, a huge requirement of resources and skilled personnel.

So, how does citizen development solve these challenges? Read on to find out!

How is Citizen Development addressing Development Issues?

Data collection, management & analysis tools as well as supply chain management, field service management and grant management solutions must be developed by enterprises to meet the fluctuating employee needs.

According to a leading study, the US alone will have a deficit of around 500,000 developers. Enterprises are already facing a shortage of skilled developers. Not to mention, the overworked IT department. So, you can imagine the dearth of skilled developers that will be needed to build/develop sophisticated and customized software/applications in the days to come.

This is where Citizen Development Platforms which are basically No Code Platforms come into the picture.

Citizen Developer Platforms are empowering non-technical users and project managers (who understand specific needs of their team) with a flurry of user-friendly features like the drag & drop builder, unlimited editing, real-time preview, workflow builder and many more. These innovative & easy-to-use features are simplifying and accelerating custom application development by a whopping 80% when compared to traditional application development.

This is what Sunil Prashara, President & CEO of Project Management Institute had to say about Citizen Development Platforms:

If anyone needs to change or pivot because of some new competitors coming up with innovative work methodologies or changes in the market then with the help of Citizen developer platforms, one can do so throughout the entire organization.

Business Leaders, Project Managers, Non-technical and Business Users will witness the following benefits by leveraging Low-code/NoCode App Platforms:

  • Fewer Bottlenecks
  • Optimized Processes
  • Lesser Overheads
  • Improved Productivity
  • Higher Operational Efficiency

That’s not all! Employees on the senior level i.e., Managers & Supervisors will be able to build sophisticated & end-to-end enterprise workflow automation solutions that address various pain points of an organization.

Citizen development platforms also enable laymen to innovate and design enterprise solutions that fulfill the specific needs of an organization or a team – All this without requiring any specialized technical skills!

Is it easy to embrace Citizen Development Platforms?

The answer is yes and no. Why?

Embracing a citizen developer platform is relatively easy.

But enterprises need to have a tech-forward mindset wherein business leaders make their employees, senior personnel trusted decision-makers.

Without such a mindset, it will be difficult to adopt and use citizen or no-code development platforms in an organization.

But, remember that if you go the low-code/no-code way, you are bound to enjoy a host of benefits at lower costs as compared to traditional software/application development.

These are a few reasons why organizations should go all when it comes to the Low-Code/No-Code Revolution. Want to go no-code in your startup/organization?

Then why not head over to Natifi? Natifi is an Ai-powered no code app platform that comes with powerful features like the drag & drop builder, workflow builder, unlimited editing, integrations and much more. Connect with our team today to digitize & optimize your business process and maximize results!