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Build Intuitive applications that simplify the entire grant management lifecycle.

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Our feature-rich no-code platform was built to offer flexibility & accelerated development to organizations so that they can simplify & streamline grant management. Transform Grant Management with Natifi!

Various Companies, Non-Profits, Individuals & Communities need essential resources. Natifi helps organizations build simple yet digital grant management tools that accelerate critical funding.

Leverage our powerful no-code platform to easily customize each aspect of the grant application form & incorporate custom form logic to obtain accurate data.

Natifi offers robust business intelligence tools that leverage the collected data to create insightful ranking reports of applicants. Use these reports to carry out reviews & approve grants efficiently.


Track, Manage & Deliver Grants

Whether it is a small or a large grant, Natifi helps organizations to easily pull up huge sets of data, track each stage of the grant application, view funding requests, disbursement schedules, distributed funds & remaining grants.

Build Easy-to-Use Applications

Take advantage of a complete visual interface to build intuitive web & mobile applications that comprise easy-to-fill forms, designated sections for special data & form validation protocols to streamline the grant application process.

Leverage Integrations

Seamlessly integrate your web & mobile grant management applications with a variety of tools to enjoy more features & functionality. Leverage the same to simplify workflows, collect

Industry-Wide Solutions

Private Foundations

Natifi empowers private foundations to leverage intuitive web & mobile applications that simplify the entire process of grant making & management.

Corporate Fundings

Transform Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives with complex yet easy-to-use applications built on Natifi!


Natifi’s robust enterprise platform enables Government entities to move from legacy systems to digital solutions that offer easy-to-fill application forms, provide data-driven reviews & help make the right decisions while providing grants.


Transform Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives with complex yeEnable big change with the help of innovative digital solutions built on Natifi. Incorporate easy-to-follow application forms & leverage data-oriented rankings to disburse Grants.t easy-to-use applications built on Natifi!

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