Grantmaking in 2022

Grantmaking in 2022: What to Expect?

The past year has been quite chaotic – for people and organizations. It has been a year of unexpected events and although things are somewhat falling into place, you never know what might happen out of the blue?

So, when it comes to grantmaking, what should you expect in 2022? Read on to find out!

What to Expect in Grantmaking in 2022 ?

1. Don’t Ignore the Power of Remote!

The pandemic has made one thing clear –Remote work isn’t going anywhere!

Although the pandemic will most likely weaken in the next couple of months, most of the small & large organizations will partly or full work remotely. This includes most of the stakeholders and grant applicants. Why?

The pandemic’s after-effects are still visible and stakeholders will find it difficult to travel internationally for the next couple of years. So, why offer/manage grants offline when you can take your grants online?

Keeping the grants & grants management solutions online will be one of the most important things that you should expect in the year 2022 and beyond.

Pro-Tip: Try going for a no-code platform like Natifi that can help you build sophisticated Grant Management Solutions in minutes.

2. Go the Nimble Way

The economy isn’t showing any signs of going up. So, you can continue to expect some ups and downs in the next year.

That is why SMEs and organizations will be looking to create new strategies to get and retain funds (grants). And because the pandemic struck almost every country & business, the amounts of funds/grants may have changed too.

One more thing that you should notice is that the pandemic led to huge needs for new & existing organizations. So, how can one fulfil these ever-increasing needs?

By investing in an efficient technology like no-code platforms that simplify the entire process of building a Grant Management Software System, organizations can streamline and accelerate the entire Grantmaking process for both stakeholders and applicants.

3. Keep things Simple

Why make grants complicated when you can keep it simple?

In this digital era, almost every organization is trying to beat its competitor. But, due to this attitude, many developers are trying to make a grant management solution that is complicated (to use) and can confuse applicants.

Instead, if you make the grant management application simple, both stakeholders & applicants will not only appreciate the grant management solution but they will be able to spend more time on it and refer it to their colleagues or other organizations too!

Note: By making things easy for everyone, you ultimately make things easy for you!

4. A Collaborative Approach can go a long way!

Ever heard the saying – “A single twig breaks, but a bundle of twigs is strong”?

The same principle applies to grantmaking and grant management. Why put all the responsibilities of managing grants on one when everyone can collaborate and work more efficiently?

Collaborative approaches and work environments (in grantmaking) can go a long way in helping teams to work together & smarter!

If you opt for trailblazing technologies like Low-code and No-code platforms, you can easily connect funders, reviewers and administrators on one platform. This not only saves time but also allows fresh perspectives to be shared which in turn improves productivity and drives growth!

5. Focus on Improving the Safety & Security of Data

As most organizations are going online, you need to take special care when it comes to securing enterprise data.

Virtual data management is a boon but if it is not managed or secured properly then it can lead to fatal data breaches and unnecessary stoppage in grants.

Therefore, many organizations will start by auditing their systems and securing loopholes if any. On the other hand, companies can switch to powerful no-code platforms that encourage even non-technical users to build & deploy intuitive grant management solutions in minutes!

These are a few exciting things that you should expect in Grantmaking in 2022.