Data Collection Automation

How Automated Data Collection Can Help Your Business and Workforce?

Collection of data is not a new thing. However, Data Collection Automation is a growing trend that is being adopted by various enterprises to ensure seamless & accurate data collection.

As you might already know, manual data collection is a humongous task that consists of manual data entry into paper-based forms, its storage & transportation (in case of field reports). All of these tasks are highly complicated & resource-intensive. On the other hand, paper-based physical documents are highly susceptible to damage.

But, with the advent of exciting new technologies, data collection became easier. Nowadays enterprises are utilizing customized software on computers/laptops or easy-to-use mobile applications to simplify data collection activities.

Computers/Laptops do take up some amount of space as opposed to mobile devices that rock enterprise-grade mobile applications. So, companies are building enterprise mobile apps for seamless data collection & management. While traditional app development is a pain point, a revolutionary app development process based on No-code platforms is changing the way people build mobile apps.

A no-code platform-based mobile app builder enables both laymen & professional app developers to build powerful data collection & data management mobile apps

Therefore, automation in data collection has brought in some amazing benefits that are helping businesses & the workforce in various ways. 

Exciting Advantages of Data Collection Automation

1. Better Space Utilization

Obtaining & maintaining office space is one of the most challenging & resource-intensive tasks. Earlier, companies – be it large or small were dependent on manual data collection.

But, manual file storage & management is a big headache. Its major disadvantage is the requirement of huge storage places. As you might know, real-estate prices are on the rise & if enterprises are still dependent on manual data collection activities & its storage, then it can become an expensive burden.

This is where automated data collection comes into the picture. As we have seen earlier, using powerful software or mobile apps to automate data collection is a boon that many enterprises are taking advantage of. But, one of the best perks of automated data collection is the elimination of storage spaces since most of the data that is being collected can be readily stored in servers which take up less space (depends on the amount of data that is being collected).

Therefore, enterprises can either effectively use the newly acquired space or reduce costs by acquiring only the required office space.

2. Missing Data Is a Thing of the Past

Just imagine this, you are entering a big hall filled with paper-based files, records & registers. You need to find a file that was created in 2019. So, you’ll go to the 2019-year section & start searching for the necessary file. If the file management staff has appropriately stored all the files, then you will be able to find the file within minutes. However, if the staff botch up file management, then it might take hours or even days to find a single file. 

This is a common phenomenon that is prevalent among many companies who depend on manual data collection. However, by integrating automation in data collection, you can eliminate the risk of missing/misplacing data. Most of the data that is collected via mobile applications or computer software is readily stored on servers. 

The data is stored in an orderly fashion & anyone who has access to such data can easily find a data set/file/folder within seconds by simply typing the name or putting in some filters.

3. Data Entry, Collection & Management is Simplified

As we discussed in the earlier points, the entire data collection process is simplified due to the integration of automated data collection tools like mobile apps or software.

So, no more complicated manual data entries in paper-based files & other physical documents. Simply unlock your mobile phone, open the enterprise-grade app & seamlessly enter data which is then collected & validated in real-time.

4. Accurate Data Drives Business Growth

Every company wants to grow. They want more customers, more sales & better productivity. All of this is made possible by data. If correct data is collected & validated, then it can be readily used for analysis purposes – gives critical insights that can be leveraged to prepare action plans & drive business growth. All of this is easily achievable with automation in data collection since data collected is readily validated & sent onto the servers for further analysis purposes.

These are some amazing perks of automation in data collection that can help businesses & workforce.

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