Automation data collection

How Automation in Data Collection Helps All Businesses?

With the dawn of the digital age, companies have started using cutting-edge technologies to power their research, operations & marketing activities.

Trailblazing technological solutions like AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cloud & others empowered enterprises to streamline their operations for excellent business growth.

One of the most amazing technological innovations is automation. Automation brings in a trove of benefits for organizations – be it large or small. Here are some mind-boggling stats about automation:

  • Automation is currently being done in various activities like advertising, marketing, sales, cloud, email & social media.
  • Almost 80% of advertising processes will be automated by 2022.
  • Currently, 55% of companies are leveraging marketing automation.
  • Many brands who have used automation in sales activities have witnessed a whopping 225% increase in conversion of potential prospects to successful sales opportunities.

So, as we can see, companies will be using automation in the days to come. One of the most lucrative applications of automation is in data collection activities. It brings in a wealth of benefits for any enterprise. Let’s find out about the importance of data collection & how automation in data collection can help businesses of all kinds.

The Importance of Data Collection

Some of the earliest forms of data collection were done in the form of tick mark & tally. This was done to keep a record of food inventories. As we can see data collection was very important during the earlier times. Its importance has dramatically increased in the following years due to industrial revolutions & advancement in technologies that led to the generation of huge amounts of data.

Nowadays, companies use this data to understand customer’s behavior patterns, their preferences, employee productivity, enterprise efficiency & many other important things. 

However, in all of these activities & analysis, data collection remains a central part. Without proper data collection methodologies, obtaining accurate data will get difficult.

Prominent Forms of Data Collection by Businesses

  1. Surveys –  One of the most common forms of data collection.
  2. Interviews –  Personalized & real-time questions to collect data.
  3. Questionnaires – A series of close-ended questions.
  4. Reporting – Usually done by field workers.
  5. Observation – Gathering data based on observing a particular activity.
  6. Focus Groups – Collecting data from a set of individuals belonging to a particular community/department.

What is Automation in Data Collection

Automation, as the term implies, is automating certain parts or the complete data collection activity as per the business requirements.

As we have seen in the previous point, there are many types of data collection. So, with the help of an easy-to-use data collection & data management tool, you can seamlessly automate the entire data collection process.

There are many sophisticated softwares that can be used by companies to streamline & automate data collection activities. One emerging form of easy data collection is the use of mobile applications. 

Although developing a mobile application can be tricky, companies are leveraging a no-code platform-based mobile app builder to readily build easy-to-use enterprise mobile apps within minutes. These apps can be readily deployed for use by employees, clients, supervisors & managers.

How Can Automation in Data Collection Help Businesses?

Manual data collection methods are complicated, cumbersome & require a lot of investment.

On the other hand, automation in data collection with the help of powerful software or easy-to-use mobile applications like a Data collection or a Data Management Tool will easily eliminate the need for paper-based records. This results in less clutter, effective utilization of office space & faster turnaround.

  • Less Clutter – Since paper based-forms, records, registers are not needed, you don’t have to worry about storage issues.
  • More Space – Since storage issues are resolved due to the utilization of powerful data collection mobile apps, enterprises can use their workplaces more efficiently.
  • Faster Turnaround – Manual data collection entailed activities like storage & transportation (field data collection). However, with automated data collection, employees/clients can enter data which is shared with supervisors/managers on a real-time basis via internet & cloud. So people can do more work in less time due to the elimination of redundant activities like storage & transportation of physical documents.
  • Reduced Costs – Unnecessary expenses for getting paper-based forms, records or registers is eliminated. Costs pertaining to the transportation of physical documents & its storage is also eliminated resulting in huge cost savings.
  • Enhanced Productivity – With amazing perks like real-time data entry & validation, faster turnaround, excellent efficiency & clarity due to automation in data collection, employees & the enterprise will exhibit higher productivity.

This is how automation in data collection helps businesses of all kinds. If you want to integrate the automation of data collection in your company – be it large or small, then you should take a look at Natifi. It is an amazing mobile app builder that enables you to leverage powerful features like drag & drop, unlimited editing & real-time preview to create enterprise-grade data collection & management mobile applications.