No Code App Platforms

How can No-Code Platforms improve Data Analytics ?

In a data driven enterprise world, both laymen and data scientists should be able to extract actionable insights as this will aid rapid decision-making.

Yes, Code-based solutions are enabling developers to build applications that streamline data analysis. But, in order to build these enterprise technology solutions, developers need a lot of time (months or even years) and a huge capital.

But what if business users, as well as developers, can develop web and mobile applications that simplify the entire domain of Business Intelligence and Analytics?

No Code App Platforms can make it happen! What are they? & how can they help in improving data analytics? Read on to find out!

What are No-Code Platforms?

A no-code platform is a completely visual and code-free development platform that empowers both laymen and professionals to build enterprise-grade web and mobile apps that can be used to collect, store and conduct analysis of the collected data to extract insights and use the same to optimize business processes and drive growth.

Benefits of No Code App Platforms

  • Instead of writing long lines of code, you can easily drag & drop various features & design components and edit their properties to quickly build a web/mobile application.
  • No-code platforms empower developers &business users to focus on the core features of the application instead of wasting time writing code. You also get to spend some additional time with clients to understand their requirements for a particular app and meet their requirements without sacrificing the quality of the application.
  • No-code platforms reduce the cost of development by up to 80%! This is why many conventional developers and citizen developers are going for no-code platforms.

How can No-Code Platforms improve Data Analytics?

  • There is a Huge Untapped Market

Ai & ML experts are hard to find and even harder to keep. If you want to transform your business into an Ai-driven organization then you need to spend a lot of time and resources. That is why many organizations fail to adopt & deploy Ai for various business processes.

This is where no-code platforms can make a world of difference. These platforms offer trailblazing features like the drag & drop builder, unlimited editing, workflow builders, Ai-models and many other exciting features that can help both business users and professionals to build sophisticated web & mobile applications in minutes.

There is a dearth of technical talent and experts who can build scalable Ai solutions. But, no-code platforms fill this void by enabling even laymen to build complex applications in a matter of minutes. That is why many more companies are turning towards no-code platforms to bridge the development gap and incorporate Ai/ML into their business processes.

This not only simplifies analytics but helps stakeholders collect accurate data and use that data to extract actionable insights into various business processes.

  • Automated Data Visualizations

One of the biggest benefits of no code app platforms is their ability to showcase data in a variety of charts, graphs and patterns. This can be hugely beneficial for humans as they recognize patterns and charts much faster as compared to numbers.

That is why more & more businesses are adopting No-code business intelligence platforms that can seamlessly analyze the collected data according to queries or parameters set by you and display them into insightful visualizations like charts, graphs and other visual patterns.

In addition to that, you can use these patterns to extract insights, identify bottlenecks and optimize business processes to maximize results!

  • Reduce Costs & Maximize Output

No Code App Platforms help organizations build end-to-end enterprise solutions applications that streamline supply chain management, field service management, grant management and data analysis of various business processes at lower costs when compared to code-based platforms.

What’s more, is that you can integrate pre-built Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning models to seamlessly automate data collection & management of various business processes.

The result – Lower costs and better results with no-code platforms as compared to cumbersome code-based platforms!

  • Obtain Business Insights in Real-time to Accelerate Decision Making

No-code platforms make the entire process of extracting insights quick & easy when compared to code-based platforms.

You don’t need to wait for paper-based forms or records to land on your desk so that you can start analyzing data. Since the entire data collection, management and analysis are digitized and automated, all you need to do is pull up a dashboard and choose the parameters to get actionable insights via graphs, charts and other visual data patterns.

These are a few ways through which no code app platforms can help improve data analytics which includes facilitating predictive analytics, automating data analytics for SMEs and large organizations.

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