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How Mobile Apps are changing Consumer Interaction with Business

The time is changing, the technology is evolving and every other thing is shifting to people’s hands – through smartphones and many applications that are making their way in everyday lives.

The new consumers of this new age are using apps and smartphones for every primary and secondary necessity. This is forcing the brands and businesses to focus on the new mobile applications and digitalization trend.

What’s even more astonishing! This is not just the case only with well-known retail stores like Amazon and Walmart, but every other business and brand, like food chains, cinema chains, clothing brands, hair salons, are investing more and more into making their respective mobile apps. Check out these points to know better why every business is interested in mobile apps and the ways in which mobile apps are changing consumer interaction with business.

Making the Marketplace Convenient & Efficient

This is the foremost effect of businesses shifting towards mobile apps. The digitalization of business through mobile apps has made everything much more convenient, for both the customers and the companies. Mobile apps are helping respective parties in many ways like retaining customer loyalty, better communication between companies and customers, brand recognition, instant payment to facilitate the convenience of both customers and the brands.

The companies are now getting easy brand recognition, through mobile app icons, in-apps advertisements and push notifications that they send to customers. Customers can now give their feedback much more easily, hence facilitating communication. Many companies are also using in-app chat features through employees or artificial Chat Bots that are enhancing communication. The payments have been made easier by mobile apps that have helped both the customers and the companies. The apps have also helped companies to eliminate uninterested audiences much more efficiently.

Better Personalization Through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is the revolutionary process in which machines (usually computer systems) are simulating human intelligence in itself. Most of the companies these days are developing their apps using AI. Companies are using various AI technologies like Machine Learning, Chat Bots, Biometric, etc. 

The most common of it is machine learning, which is the ability of the machine to automatically learn and improve from the experiences. Machine learning records the data every time a user searches for something. So, the next time when the user searches something, it analyzes the recorded data and shows the user the result that is personalized for them. So, mobile apps with AI technologies are becoming much more user-specific and getting different results for different consumers. The process helps in providing consumers with efficient and immersive business experience.

AI is also helping in improving communication through ChatBots. It allows you to communicate with those web robots in mobile apps that help you to solve your problems and allow you to give better feedback.

Influence of Online Reviews on Customers

Now, this point is only relevant to those companies that have better transparency and allow the reviews of customers on their mobile apps. Most of the business apps today include the option of reviews and ratings and those ratings are a major factor in consumers buying the product.

The effect of customer review is the best example of how word-of-mouth goes viral. This is the reason why all the companies are so concerned about keeping their customer reviews and ratings positive.

It is not only the in-app reviews that consumers look for today. Many consumers also look out for the reviews and ratings of respective apps on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store. Reviews on these platforms hugely affect the number of consumers downloading the app and hence it affects the digital business for many companies. So, companies are always recommended to build an app with a good and easy user interface, that would help in simplifying the life of its consumers.