Tips to Design Enterprise Form Solutions in No-Code Platforms

How to Design Enterprise Form Solutions in No-Code Platforms?

No-Code Platforms are revolutionizing the entire mobile app development scenario for enterprises. If you look back a decade ago, companies had to hire various personnel who possessed skills like coding, app testing, bug fixing, app development & more.

Fast forward to the present day and you will come across various enterprise-grade app development platforms that do not require any coding skills. So, how can one build an enterprise mobile application?

Drag & Drop Builder! 

All you need to do is select a design element, widget or feature. Then all you need to do is drag & drop it to quickly build a mobile application. But that’s not all! 

These No Code Development Platforms also boast other exciting features like Unlimited Editing, Real-Time Preview, Seamless App Deployment/Publishing, Easy Data Management & more 

Coming back to the point, how can you easily design enterprise mobile solutions in No-Code App Development Platforms? Read on to know more!

How to Design Enterprise Form Solutions in No-Code Platforms?

Most No-Code based App Development Platforms are quite easy to use. You don’t have to run behind developers to use such platforms. 

One of the first steps that you need to do when using any No-Code Platform is to log in to the portal & click on “Create New App”. Once you enter the app-building process, then you can check out the following steps to seamlessly design your Enterprise Mobile Form Solution.

1. Choose an Industry or Create One

Most No-Code Platforms offer a variety of Industries to choose from when you build an enterprise-grade mobile application. If you don’t find a relevant industry, simply click on “Add your own Industry” & create your industry with ease. Choose it & click on proceed.

2. Name Your Mobile App & Enable/Disable Login & Signup

Enterprise Mobile Apps need to be secure. That is why they normally feature Login & Signup to ensure secure login. However, if your enterprise mobile app will be simply used for survey purposes then you can disable Login/Signup to speed up data collection. Give a name to your app as per business needs & click on Next or Proceed as per the No-Code Platform that you are using.

3. Head over to the App Design Section

Once you click on Proceed, you will be greeted by an extensive dashboard where you can leverage various features to design your mobile app. 

Simply navigate to the “App Design Menu” to start customizing your enterprise mobile app.

4. Leverage Login, Register & Form Builder in the App Design Menu

a. Login Page

Customize the App Login Form as per your business needs. You can easily add your organization’s name in the email placeholder to personalize your enterprise mobile application.

b. Register Page

Design the Register Page of your Mobile Application as per your business needs. No-Code Platforms generally let you change the first name & last name place holders as well as email placeholders so that employees can easily enter data as per requirements.

c. Form Builder

The form builder is where you usually add features, text boxes & other components that make up your Enterprise-Grade Mobile App.

All you need to do is drag & drop various widgets to build your mobile app. You can also modify their properties to streamline & accelerate data collection.

Tips to Design Enterprise Mobile Form Solutions

  1. Always focus on offering simple navigation. Your employees shouldn’t get confused while entering data in your enterprise mobile app.
  2. Ensure that the size of the icons & the touch area is considerably large. If you provide small touch controls, then chances are that employees will not be able to use the functions of your app seamlessly.
  3. Always provide features or content that is essential to completing the given task. Don’t fill your enterprise app with unnecessary clutter.
  4. Leverage Large Text so that employees can readily recognize which data to enter in your mobile application.
  5. Try to provide simple forms to accelerate data entry & management.
  6. Make the most of form validation so that employees won’t enter any inaccurate data.
  7. Make sure that all the pages of your app display consistent fonts, colors & features. 

These are a few ways & tips which will help you to easily Design Enterprise-Grade Form Solutions with the help of No-Code Platforms. 

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