Tips to Quickly Build an Enterprise Grade Mobile App

How to Quickly Build an Enterprise-Grade Mobile App?

Building an Enterprise Mobile App quickly isn’t as easy as it sounds if you go the traditional way. But there are various app development platforms such as Low-Code or No-Code Platforms that can enable you to build a mobile application within a few minutes. So, how can you build an enterprise mobile app quickly? Read on to find out!

Is it Possible to Build an Enterprise Grade Mobile App Quickly?

You might’ve seen many companies put in thousands of hours and a lot of efforts to build an enterprise mobile application. Why?

Companies take a lot of time to hire personnel with relevant app development skills. Apart from that, you need the necessary infrastructure, be it computers, office space & other miscellaneous things. But that’s just the beginning. After writing lengthy codes that take maybe 3-5 months, the app goes through rigorous testing to find out any bugs or critical fixes. If the bugs are found then you need to fix those bugs by writing another set of code. Then comes the testing & after that app publishing. So, all in all, the traditional app development route doesn’t really embrace “Quickly”. So, then what’s the solution?

No-Code Platforms!

What are No-Code Platforms?

As the name implies, these enterprise mobile app development platforms don’t require you to code. So, how do you build an app?

By simply dragging and dropping design elements, widgets & other necessary features. Just look at the below image:

All you need to do is drag & drop the widgets, features or design elements to build enterprise mobile app. Simple, right?

That is why No-Code Platforms truly embrace the word “Quickly” when it comes to building an enterprise-grade mobile application.

So, let’s look at how you can actually build an easy-to-use enterprise mobile application in minutes!

How to Build an Enterprise Grade Mobile App Quickly?

Step 1: Login to the No-Code Platform & Click on Create New App

Most No Code Platforms offer a simple way to quickly build a mobile app for your enterprise.

Step 2: Choose a Relevant Industry or Create One

Almost every enterprise belongs to a particular industry. So, No-Code App development platforms generally provide a bunch of industries that you can select from. If your enterprise doesn’t belong to the list of industries then you can always create a new industry & choose it to start building your mobile application.

Step 3: Enter Your App Name & Customize Login/Signup

Almost every no-code enterprise mobile app development platform lets you name the mobile app & choose the login or signup options. There are various tasks in an enterprise that require quick data entry. So, in those cases, you can disable the login/signup to speed up data entry & data management.

Step 4: The Drag & Drop Builder –Quickly Build Your Enterprise App

Quickly Drag & Drop Various Widgets, Design Elements or Features to seamlessly build your Mobile App.

No Running Behind Developers! No Need for Coding! Just Drag & Drop away!

Step 5: Modify Widgets According to Your Business Needs

No-Code Platforms offers a gamut of widgets that can be customized according to your business needs. As you see in the video above, you can rename a particular widget, customize the validation methods & turn on/off the data entry requirement.

If this was to be done in traditional app development, then you would have to spend at least a week or maybe even more!

Step 6:  Personalize Your Enterprise App with Brand Logo

Every Enterprise wants to have its own brand logo on the mobile app. Well, you can easily upload your company’s logo in a few simple steps. All you need to do is go to App Settings>App Logo>Choose File.

Voila! Your Mobile App has your brand logo now!

Your Enterprise-Grade Mobile App is ready to use. If you want to test your mobile app in Real-Time then all you need to do is scan the QR code generated by the No-Code Platform or leverage the web form.

These are a few simple steps that you can follow to quickly build enterprise mobile app. Natifi is a powerful no-code platform that empowers you to seamlessly leverage Drag & Drop, Unlimited Editing, Real-Time Preview & other exciting features to build an enterprise mobile app in minutes.