No-Code 101

No-Code comes under the purview of development solutions that empower laymen & professionals to build, deploy and manage software, web & mobile applications via a visual interface instead of writing long lines of code. No-code removes the barriers associated with code, simplifies development & galvanizes enterprises to build applications faster, at lower costs & with fewer errors as compared to traditional code-based platforms.

How does No-Code Work?

Almost every No-Code Platform out there leverages an intuitive visual UI that facilitates seamless development. All that the users need to do is design the features & appearance of the software. So, writing code is out of the way!

To simplify No-Code further, let’s give you a walkthrough of how most no-code platforms function:

The Development Stage

Choose pre-built templates or leverage intuitive features like the drag & drop builder, unlimited editing, customizations & others to develop your software from scratch.

After building the customized solution, preview it in real-time to check for any bugs, anomalies or critical fixes. If found, fix them in minutes with the unlimited editing feature.

Seamlessly deploy and manage your web & mobile applications, publish the website or launch your software after following the necessary guidelines.

No-Code vs Low-Code: How are they Different?

Code is unable to keep up with the rising demands of the customers & the agility requirements of organizations. To remain competitive, enterprises need to swiftly develop business-specific digital solutions and address the volatile changes of the marketplace. This is where code & low-code platforms falter.

While code-based platforms are cumbersome, low-code tools, on the other hand,  provide a slight glimmer of hope in the form of incremental development & deployment speeds. But, code is code, whether it is traditional or low-code platforms and enterprises will eventually run into obstacles.

But, No-Code changes the entire development scenario. Leading reports state that no-code platforms are 4.8x easier to use & help build software & applications up to 71% faster & at 45% lower costs when compared to traditional platforms.

Natifi believes that No-code is the way forward & that is why we have developed a comprehensive enterprise-grade no-code platform that lets laymen & professionals build end-to-end business solutions without a single line of code!


You might think that no-code is a new & innovative technology. However, its origins can be traced back to the 90s!

But it wasn’t until the past couple of years that no-code tools actually burst onto the development scenario. Still many users primarily leveraged it to simplify specific business processes or build static websites. So, its usage was pretty limited.

However, technological advancements brought forth a new class of enterprise-grade application development platforms like Natifi that have extended the capabilities & scope of no-code platforms. These feature-rich platforms enable small & large-scale enterprises to seamlessly build, deploy & manage complex web & mobile applications without using a single line of code.

You’ll still come across a wide range of no-code development platforms but not every tool can help you build intuitive end-to-end business solutions as Natifi does!


Most large-scale enterprises are finding it difficult to optimize processes, manage workflows, meet deadlines, & drive business growth. In addition to that, traditional platforms are making it more difficult for organizations to keep up with rising demands. The complexity of existing platforms, rigid compliance protocols & the widening skill gap is driving companies to look for development platforms that are easy-to-use & manage.

No-code platforms come out as the perfect solution to all the challenges faced by organizations. They simplify & accelerate development, automate workflows, offer end-to-end business solutions, business intelligence & analytical tools that streamline business processes & boost operational efficiencies.

Benefits | Enterprise No-Code Platforms

Powerful Ai Capabilities

Leverage innovative Ai-powered tools to simplify product development, deployment & management.

Visual Development

An intuitive visual interface empowers citizen developers to effortlessly build enterprise-grade applications & verify each step of development in real-time!

Boost Time-to-Value

Application goes live 4.6x faster than traditional development processes enabling enterprises to improve business value quickly.

Increased Quality at Lower TCO

Applications built using no-code platforms demonstrate fewer bugs compared to code-based applications while reducing the cost of development & ownership by up to 300%.

Seamless Collaborations

Centralized dashboards empower managers to effectively assign tasks, notify teammates about new developments & collaborate in real-time!

Drive Innovations

Reduced app development & deployment times coupled with seamless management capabilities leave your employees more time for innovative work.

End-to-End Enterprise Solutions

Build apps comprising workflows & offline data collection capabilities that help enterprises improve QC, manage the workforce, simplify the supply chain, fast-track grants, streamline field operations & other critical tasks!

Powerful Analytics & BI

Dig deep into data collected from various locations & leverage powerful BI & analytics tools to make data-driven decisions for your enterprise with confidence.

Optimize Processes & Drive Growth

Obtain insights into various business processes, find out potential process optimization opportunities & take your enterprise forward.

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