No-Code Ai

No-code tools have empowered organizations to implement agile development strategies that accelerate application development, increased productivity & improved operational efficiencies at a minimal cost when compared to traditional platforms. On the other hand, around 83% of organizations are looking at Ai as a strategic priority. But a Deloitte survey has stated that 40% of companies believe Ai technologies are too expensive. This led to the development of no-code Ai platforms that aim to democratize Ai.

To put it simply, these no-code Ai platforms offer a complete visual interface where you can seamlessly build web & mobile applications and integrate Ai/ML models to obtain accurate data, extract crucial insights & improve organizational efficiency.

How does No-Code Ai work?

Natifi’s No-code Ai platform enables SMEs & large enterprises to seamlessly develop intuitive web & mobile applications by leveraging powerful features like the drag & drop builder, unlimited editing, customizations, real-time preview, workflow builder & more. While these features help stakeholders to digitize their business processes & achieve higher gains, Natifi went a step further and introduced Ai into the platform to maximize an organization’s profits.

Enterprises can now integrate customized Ai models into their applications which can effortlessly analyze thousands of datasets, provide a wide range of insights into multiple business processes, offer potential process optimization opportunities & help organizations gain a competitive edge over others.

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Benefits of No-Code Ai

No-code Ai = Faster Solutions

Building customized Ai-based solutions with traditional platforms entail writing lengthy code to build applications, creating & training business-specific Ai models, optimizing them further to achieve accurate results. If stakeholders don’t know Ai/ML & data science then things get more complicated. With Natifi’s no-code Ai platforms, organizations reduce development times by a whopping 90% which facilitates an agile development environment where stakeholders can build, deploy & leverage customized Ai solutions at blazing fast speeds.

Huge Cost Savings

Natifi no-code Ai platform simplifies the entire Ai development & integration cycle that results in more savings as compared to traditional platforms. Organizations can easily dial down their data scientist hiring spree & leverage our groundbreaking platform that encourages business users into building enterprise-grade end-to-end solutions & integrate business-specific Ai models.

Bringing Ai & Business Experience together

Ai & Data science are emerging fields and domain experts such as Data Scientists & Ai/ML experts have less business experience. This often leads to communication gaps between business teams & Ai or Data Scientist teams resulting in error-prone applications & inaccurate data models. This is where Natifi’s no-code Ai platform is empowering business users (with no Ai experience) to use their domain experience and build highly efficient Ai model solutions. 

Focus on Maximizing Results

Most stakeholders are not technologists who can write complex code & build applications or train Ai models for new use cases. However, powerful yet easy-to-use no-code Ai platforms like Natifi enable SMEs & large enterprises to build end-to-end business solutions comprising sophisticated Ai models. These highly efficient tools help organizations to focus on maximizing results instead of spending time on executing manual processes.

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