No Code platforms

No Code Platforms: Take Digitalization from Good to Great

As technology advanced, organizations started depending on digital applications to streamline various types of business processes. However, developing such apps takes a lot of time, effort and skilled personnel.As time passed, the demand for applications increased.

However, the ever-rising software demands couldn’t be met effectively due to traditional code-based platforms, painstakingly long development times, errors, bug fixes, a requirement of skilled personnel and other factors.

However, innovations in technology never stopped! No Code Platforms are one such amazing innovation that is aiming to democratize technology, streamline and accelerate application development for enterprises.

As the name implies, you don’t have to write a single line of code in No-code platforms. Instead, you use a completely visual interface to build and deploy enterprise technology solutions in minutes.

This is why many organizations industries are increasingly turning towards no-code app platforms to augment digital transformation. Why? Read on to find out!

Leverage No Code App Platforms to drive Digitization

Build& deploy complex enterprise technology solutions in minutes

No code application development platforms usually feature an intuitive visual interface that streamlines application development.

With powerful features like the drag & drop builder, app templates, unlimited editing, widgets, real-time preview and workflow systems, you can effortlessly build process-specific web and mobile applications. These intuitive features not only simplify but accelerate the entire app development.

How can you quickly build a web or mobile application using no-code platforms?

Simply drag & drop features, widgets and other components into the form builder, define custom form logic, test the app via real-time preview or deploy your app across various locations in minutes to start collecting data, identify and eliminate bottlenecks and drive business growth!

Enjoy Better Data Integration

Nocode platforms not only reduce development times but also accelerate data integration & management. How?

When you utilize traditional platforms to build enterprise technology solutions you need to make provisions for third-party integrations& data management with your existing systems. If you don’t do the above then chances are that you will have to spend extra time and resources to make provisions for integrations and data management.

This obviously results in rework, extended deadlines and lost productivity.

However, with No-Code platforms, you don’t have to worry about data management or integration. Simply use REST API or request integrations from the admin in the no-code platform’s portal and they’ll take care of the rest.

Obtain Crucial Insights with Business Intelligence and Analytics Tools

While collecting and managing data is the primary purpose of building an application. You also need to make provisions for analytics that will enable you to extract crucial insights and use them to make data-driven decisions.

No-code platforms offer a plethora of BI & Analytics tools that help you to effortlessly pull up large sets of data of any specific business process in minutes. But, that’s not all!

You can also view this data in graphs, charts or other visual forms to get rich insights. Leverage these insights to optimize your organization’s internal processes, maximize productivity & improve operational efficiency.

Business Process Automation is the need of the hour

According to a leading survey, almost 70% of organizations depend on paper-oriented activities for various business processes.

A recent global study has stated that enterprises that automate manual processes can regain almost 5 months of work time per employee. That’s a lot of time saved, right?

Since organizations want to digitize & automate paper-based and manual processes, the quicker it gets done, the better. This is where enterprise-grade No Code Application Development Platforms come into the picture.

These innovative platforms offer a complete visual interface that makes the entire application development as easy as taking a walk in the park!

Therefore, rather than utilizing complex robotic process automation tools or business process management software, enterprises can use no-code platforms that are easy-to-use, let you develop & deploy applications in minutes.

These applications can help organizations seamlessly automate various types of business processes, eliminate dependencies and maximize productivity.

These are few ways through which No Code Platforms can help SMEs, enterprises and large organizations to take digitization efforts from good to great. Want a no-code platform that can help your company maximize results? Check out Natifi. It is a powerful no-code application development platform that offers a wide range of features like the drag & drop builder, workflow builder, unlimited editing, real-time preview and more. Streamline mobile &web application development, integrate sophisticated Artificial Intelligence models into your apps and skyrocket organizational efficiency!