Operate & Manage

Natifi helps you to easily access & manage all the updates, workflows, requests, notifications, collected data & more. Seamlessly manage all your resources efficiently to avoid rework & leave your team with more time for better productivity.

Manage Workflows Your Way!

Natifi lets you manage your workflows, stakeholders under one centralized management platform where you can supervise & coordinate each aspect of your business process effortlessly.

Reinvent your organization with the help of an easy-to-use user management dashboard where you can manage users & access spread across various departments.

Seamlessly track & manage large sets of data in real-time with the help of a one-stop-shop data management dashboard.

Authenticate requests, offer suggestions to stakeholders, trigger notifications, alerts & do more to fine-tune your business processes.

Get the big picture in a glance, keep track of all your progress & make smart data-driven decisions to eliminate bottlenecks and skyrocket your productivity.

Management Simplified.

Get the Data you Need

Get real-time data from users spread across various locations & seamlessly manage it with the help of one central dashboard.

Seamlessly Assign Tasks

With our no-code platform, take user management to the next level. Efficiently plan & assign tasks to deliver your best work.

Analyze Progress

Get real-time status of all the applications, workflows & data responses being collected at a glance with the help of an intuitive dashboard.

Efficiently Manage Workloads

Natifi allows you to obtain live, up-to-date data on the current progress of your users & workflows. Leverage the data to allocate future tasks & resources more effectively.

Achieve Process Excellence

Natifi empowers enterprises to encourage collaborations, monitor workflows, authenticate data responses, trigger notifications, improve & optimize processes with the help of powerful web & mobile application workflows.

Collaborate Effectively

With the power to manage users & data, you get to bring all your teams & users under one shared platform. Use it to break communication barriers & move your projects forward with ease.

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