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Natifi enables organizations from different industries to develop solutions for a variety of business-specific requirements.

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Workflows designed for Organizations

Natifi’s feature-rich no-code platform enables SMEs & large enterprises to build & leverage end-to-end enterprise solutions that help reduce operational costs, improve productivity, eliminate bottlenecks, optimize processes & foster growth.

Build intuitive web & mobile application workflows that help create and manage staff schedules, approve work requests, track large sets of data, collaborate efficiently & supervise the workforce with ease.

Effortlessly automate & manage workflows, check & approve data responses, provide real-time suggestions via push notifications, trigger custom action plans & improve quality control.

Equip stakeholders with intuitive web & mobile solutions that simplify inspections, streamline task assignments, facilitate real-time CAPAs & improve facility management.


Communicate at Scale

Seamlessly communicate with your stakeholders via scheduled & real-time push notifications that comprise follow-up tasks, suggestions & action plans.

Digitize Everyday Operations

Leverage intuitive web & mobile applications that comprise easy-to-understand workflows & custom form logic that streamline workflows, help enterprises obtain accurate data in real-time, analyze the data & extract insights and use them to boost operational efficiency.

Optimize & Grow

Leverage crucial insights & develop action plans to optimize business processes across your enterprise. Minimize unnecessary costs, accelerate workflows, fast-track approvals, fix issues in real-time and grow your organization.

Industry-Wide Solutions

End-to-End Custom Solutions for Organizations


Natifi lets Real-estate companies take advantage of end-to-end solutions to improve collaboration between stakeholders, simplify management, obtain real-time data from various locations, generate ranking reports & leverage the same to improve processes.

Oil & Gas

Our no-code platform can be easily leveraged by Oil & Gas companies to build robust web & mobile solutions that integrate field operations, improve data processes, enforce regulations & generate action plans based on real-time data that improve safety and efficiency.


Our enterprise-grade solutions are helping Retail companies to gather rich in-store data, create, manage & automate form-oriented tasks & complex workflows, integrate existing data to obtain insights and use the same to improve efficiency & quality.

SCM & Logistics

Natifi enables F&B companies to harness digital web & mobile solutions that enforce compliance, automate quality control, obtain real-time data & reports and instantly trigger CAPAs to ensure more efficient processes.

Business Services

Seamlessly connect to the field & collaborate with everyone on your team via end-to-end business solutions. Effortlessly manage your workforce, accelerate business processes, incorporate custom form logic to obtain accurate data & leverage analytical insights to take your organization forward.


Natifi is helping restaurants drive excellence by ensuring brand compliance, real-time data collection, automated workflows, high customer satisfaction & excellent quality with reliable insights obtained from intuitive web & mobile applications.

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