Points to Keep in Mind While Designing Your Mobile Applications

Points to Keep in Mind While Designing Your Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have emerged out to be a game-changer for many businesses in recent years. They have not only benefitted business, but they also have changed our lifestyle considerably. So much so, that there is a mobile app for every task that needs to be done. This has made our lives easier and our problems painless.

However easy it is with so many tools and software to make mobile applications these days, you still have to keep in mind certain points while designing one. These things, if worked over correctly, would surely help to guide your app on the top of the charts of all the app-downloading platforms.

So, if you have decided to make a mobile app, check out these points that would steer you in the right direction while designing the app.

  • Mobile app or mobile website

This is the first and foremost step before you plan to design a mobile app. It all depends upon the type of business you have and what should you focus on. If your business includes an exchange of interaction and feedback with your customers, then you should prioritize your mobile app first. If you want to provide features like GPS along with offline connectivity for your consumers, then also you should go with a well-defined and elaborated mobile application. However, native apps are always beneficial as they are fast and work offline. They would also provide a recognizable look to your business.

  • Platforms that you want for your app

With different mobile operating systems, come different platforms for which you can design your mobile applications. The most popular platforms these days are Android and iOS, and you should surely design your app for both of these platforms. There are also other, lesser-used platforms today for which you can opt to design your app for. Those platforms include Windows, Blackberry and Symbian. No matter how prominent these platforms were in the past, the advent of Android has taken the market with a storm and all other platforms, except iOS, have been left behind.

  • Various screen sizes and resolutions

This is one of the most significant points that are to be remembered while designing a mobile app. Even on the same platforms, there can be different screen sizes and screen resolutions. To overcome this issue, Android developer sites have an elaborated guide that assists you and your app to run well on multiple screens. You can also make use of the emulator, with which you can test your app on different screen resolutions.

To get an even better understanding, you can go through the statistics provided by Google. The statistics would tell you everything about different screen sizes, density, and pixel counts.

  • Design around touch and ergonomics

Touch and ergonomics depend upon the way in which you hold your mobile phone and the manner in which you use it. While designing your app, you should consider where your thumb goes while holding your phone. So place your main menu at the bottom and the content at the top. This would make your users satisfied and the app-using experience easy and comfortable.

This is not it. While designing your app, don’t forget to make use of the gestures in your app. Gestures like swiping, pinching for zooming and pulling-down for refreshing significantly increases the user experience while saving the space for designated buttons.

  • The text information on the loading screen

This small step can add up to a lot while considering customer satisfaction. While the main landing page or any other page on your app is loading, it might take a little longer sometimes due to weak network connectivity. It would be helpful, both for you and your users that you show some information and guideline messages on the loading page. Showing these texts would considerably enhance user satisfaction and prevent your customers from closing the app mid-way.

Now that you have a much clear idea of how to design your mobile app, go and start working to make it. And don’t ignore these points if you want your app to be a hit.