Significance of UI/UX Design in Mobile Applications

Significance of UI/UX Design in Mobile Applications

Many people are using mobile applications for a variety of purposes. Some use it to book flight tickets while others use it to simplify their day-to-day activities. Mobile apps are also being leveraged by enterprises to streamline workflows, data collection & data management.

An important aspect that makes the mobile app usage enjoyable is its UI/UX. But what is their significance in a mobile application? Read on to know more.

What is UI/UX?

UI is the abbreviation for User Interface. As the name implies, UI refers to the way a user interacts with an application – be it mobile or computer.

So, a mobile UI comprises:

·        Buttons

·        Controls

·        Features

·        Blocks

·        Other elements

The main goal of UI is to offer a seamless yet effective interaction experience for the user when he/she uses the app. Generally, UI development includes leveraging modern design principles, selecting business-relevant color schemes, incorporating exciting features and more!

UX is the abbreviation for User Experience. The concept behind UX is to help the user feel comfortable when he/she browses through the app. So, the smoothness of scrolling while browsing app pages, app/menu opening animations, eye-catchy designs & more help in improving the overall user experience. Therefore, UX must be user-friendly, offer comfortable browsing experience & showcase clarity throughout the mobile app.

Significance of UI/UX Design in a Mobile Application

An App developer needs to know about the impact an effective UI/UX can have on a user. Your mobile application can have some world-class features but if you don’t incorporate a good design with eye-catchy colors, then your mobile app will fall flat. Chances are that very few people will stick to your brand.

First Impression is the Best Impression

You need to capitalize on the first looks of your mobile application. That will set the tone for the rest of the app browsing experience. If the app is bland and has some dull color schemes, then it can have a negative impact on the overall user experience.

Instead go for innovative designs, business-relevant color schemes, clean UI/UX that comprises easy signup/login page, forgot password options, guest user login & more.

Improved User Experience

Once the user gets a good feel of the app during signup/login, they will proceed to use the remaining features of the mobile application. This is the part where you need to ensure that all the features, app animations, swipes & touch functions work properly.

This will ensure excellent user experience & help you to reduce app fatigue because your employees will be using a mobile app all day long. If it is riddled with slow loading times & irregular app functionalities, then it can have an adverse impact on productivity.

Excellent ROI

A well-designed mobile app with helpful guidelines & easy navigation can become an instant hit among your employees. Such a mobile app can facilitate easy data entry that translates to seamless data collection, management & analysis.

You might’ve noticed that there is no need for paper-based forms or records. Everything is done via the cloud. This results in faster communication between field & in-house employees, real-time reports & an amazing Return on Investment (ROI).

Boost Your Brand Image

Every enterprise wants to showcase itself as a professional & reliable company. A good UI/UX design in your mobile app can certainly help you do just that! Your employees, supervisors & managers will be able to seamlessly carry out their tasks. You can also communicate with your clients & partners using a well-designed mobile app which will result in improved brand image. These are some of the benefits of UI/UX design.

Simple steps to enhance UI/UX of your Mobile App

App Design Should Be Uniform

Many times app developers tend to add in various design elements into the mobile application that disturbs its uniformity. This might lead to irregular fonts, images, logos & broken features resulting in a sub-par user experience. Make sure to keep the app design consistent so that your users can enjoy browsing each page of your mobile app.

Ensure Faster App Loading Speeds

Many apps fail to make their mark on the customer due to slow loading speeds. Speed of your mobile app is an important trait of the UX design. Make your app as snappy as possible. This helps the user to complete their tasks faster which results in improved productivity.

Use Familiar Design Elements

Don’t go for flashy design elements i.e. logos, buttons, color schemes & symbols. Use simple & brand-specific elements so that your employees & clients can readily recognize your organization. This will help users to quickly familiarize themselves with the features & navigational aspects of the mobile app.

 These are some reasons for the significance of UI/UX design in a mobile app. Planning to build a mobile app for your enterprise that boasts of excellent UI/UX? Then you need to check out Natifi. It offers some trailblazing features like Drag & Drop, Unlimited Editing, Real-Time Preview which will help you to build & deploy an enterprise-grade mobile application in minutes.