guide to no code platforms

The Ultimate Guide to NoCode Platform for Laymen & Business Users

No Code Platforms are getting popular among startups, SMEs & large organizations who want to get development works done as soon as possible to meet the ever-rising demand for software/applications.

So, what is this innovative no-code all about? How is it helping enterprises and leading organizations meet the rising demand for applications/software? Read on to find out!

What is No Code?

As the name suggests, No code is all about “NO CODE”.

You don’t need to write a single line of code to build applications, websites or other tools. Instead, you use a completely visual user interface (quite user friendly) to drag and drop various elements like widgets, text boxes and other features.

This accelerates the entire development and deployment process which ensures that SMEs & large enterprises meet their application/software development demands quickly.

What are No Code Platforms?

No Code Platforms are a type of programming platform that empowers both laymen& professionals to build sophisticated web and mobile applications with the help of a complete visual development interface.

Users do not need any prior coding experience. They just need to dabble with the features for a few minutes which would be more than sufficient to get a hang of the trailblazing no-code platform.

From there users can use the innovative features to quickly develop powerful applications that can easily simplify various internal processes, eliminate bottlenecks and optimize processes.

Are Low Code & No Code App Platforms the Same?

Low code platforms have been around for more than a decade and have helped many SMEs & Large organizations speed up the development & deployment of complex software and applications. However, low-code platforms still cannot solve the problem of coding. Not everyone knows to code and learning high-level programming languages like SQL, Perl & Python isn’t a child’s play.

That is why after much deliberation, research, trials & errors, no-code platforms came as a viable solution to the shortcomings of no-code platforms.

While low-code platforms require some sort of coding, no-code platforms on the other hand do not require users to write code. Instead, they just need to drag & drop various design components to seamlessly develop an intuitive app/software in minutes.

So, Low Code & No Code Platforms aren’t entirely the same. Do note that low-code acted as a base or reference for developers to build a no-code platform.

What are the Advantages of No Code Platform?

Some of the biggest advantages of No Code Application Development Platforms are:

  • Enables you to focus on the core functionalities of the application rather than wasting time writing code.
  • Give more importance and time to clients and their specific requirements.
  • Incorporate a user-friendly UI/UX in a few minutes.
  • Minimize development costs by a whopping 80%.
  • No need for a large technical team to develop the application. Even non-technical users, laymen, as well as a single professional developer, can build an intuitive application in minutes!

Any Disadvantages of No Code?

No-code platforms do come with a lot of customizations. However, there are times where you may not be able to carryout customization according to your business needs.

Instead, you need to adapt your company procedures to the platform so that you can fully utilize the capabilities of the no-code platforms.

With code-based platforms you know the kind of code you have written and you will need to spend a considerable amount of time to change that so that you can get the desired changes in your software/application.

But, with nocode, there are some minor adjustments that you need to make while customizing your application/software.

What are some prominent features of No Code Platforms?

Some of the biggest benefits of no-code enterprise app development platforms are:

  • Data Connectors – This is perhaps one of the best features of no-code platforms. Instead of writing long lines of code to connect your application/software to a database or storage system, use a no-code platform to build an app and seamlessly connect all your data via the cloud.
  • Drag & Drop – Building an enterprise-grade web/mobile application has never been this easier. Simply drag and drop features, design elements and more with a few simple clicks and build your app in minutes!
  • Visual Modeling – This is why many organizations are turning to no-code platforms. Instead of using highly complex code-based platforms, use completely visual and easy-to-use no-code platforms. The best part about this is that both professionals and laymen can use the platform to seamlessly build industry & business-specific applications.
Why use Natifi for No-code Enterprise App Development?

Natifi is a cutting-edge Ai-powered No-Code Platform that is empowering a variety of SMEs & enterprises to build end-to-end enterprise-grade solutions in minutes.

Natifi boasts of powerful features like the drag & drop builder, real-time preview, unlimited editing, workflow builder, In-built Analytics &Business Intelligence tools as well as pre-built Ai models (according to business requirements) that make the entire app development process as easy as taking a walk in the park.

The best part about Natifi is that you can build some of the most complex web and mobile applications in a matter of minutes and deploy it across various locations to start collecting accurate data. In addition to that, you can even analyze this data in real-time to extract actionable insights and use the same to eliminate bottlenecks, optimize processes and drive growth!