Top Grants Management Software Features for Grant making Success

Top Grants Management Software Features for Grant making Success

Looking for a vendor that can provide the right grant management platform for your organization? But, as you browse through these innovative solutions, you will quickly realize that while some platforms offer a certain set of useful features, others provide different features all together. It boils down to what is best suited for your organization.

So, what are some of the features that you should focus on while getting a Grant Management Software System? Read on to find out!

Grant Management Solution Features You Should Look For

1. The Ability to Create an Account

One of the first things that a grant management solution should offer is the ability to let its users create an account. This will enable users to seamlessly save all of their important data, grant application form data, communications with stakeholders and updates on the application submitted.

Let’s say that your grant management software system doesn’t give you the ability to create an account. What would happen in this case?

  • You won’t be able to save all the data about your grant application.
  • You will need to go back to a traditional system like a computer or laptop to determine the data that you have filled in the application.
  • Any important communications will have to be done via email, call or physically visiting them during office hours.
  • Precious time and resources would be lost simply because the application doesn’t let you create an account.

So, always look for a grant management software that enables stakeholders to create an account and use it to easily carry out a variety of grant management related activities.

2. The platform should let you create quizzes

Eligibility quizzes are a great way to streamline and accelerate grants for tech startups, large enterprises, foundations and non-profits.

So, how do eligibility quizzes fast-track grants?

Even before an applicant applies for a grant, they will be able to take the quiz and quickly find out if they are eligible for the grant in the first place.

This saves time for both the applicants and the staff who are managing the grant applications, relevant data and approvals.

Suppose the Grant Management System that your organization is currently using doesn’t have the ability to create simple quizzes. In this case, if you release notification for a new grant, everyone will apply for it. Even if you highlight the eligibility criteria, most people might ignore them and proceed with submitting the application.

But if you leverage an eligibility quiz before the actual application procedure, they will be easy notified about that eligibility/non-eligibility.

So, a simple eligibility quiz saves time, minimizes your staff’s effort in sorting the applications and fast-track approvals.

 3. Communication & Collaboration Features

Communication is an inherent aspect when it comes to applying for a grant or approving it. The same thing goes for collaboration too.

Therefore, you need to look for a Grant management platform that can streamline & enhance communication/collaboration between users, applicants and stakeholders.

Some of the things that a grant management solution should simplify include providing the ability to view, modify and approve the grant, request additional disbursement, track the progress of a grant in real-time, check the reports and complete follow-up surveys.

4. The Form Logic

You should have the ability to seamlessly incorporate form logic in your web/mobile grant management solution. How will this benefit you?

You will enforce appropriate rules for all the applicants which need to be followed diligently. For example: if your application has a dedicated section for applicant details that need to be filled mandatorily, you will mark them as mandatory while building the application. This may be denoted with an (*) mark or any other depending on your choice. This principle can apply to the location, numerical data and other details.

The sole purpose of form logic is to ensure that you get accurate and reliable data from all your applicants. Once all the grant applications are submitted, you can seamlessly sort them based on a particular location, organization or other criteria.

This not only fast tracks grant but reduces headaches for reviewers who have to sift through troves of grant application forms.

5. Automated Workflows

Whether it is a Grant Management Software for Foundations, nonprofits or large organizations, everyone wants to reduce overhead costs and automate most of the redundant processes. This not only saves time but resources associated with overheads and speeds up the grant application process.

The idea behind automated workflows in grant management is simple – To remove human intervention and automate grant review, approval and disbursement.

Yes, humans will still be required to review the applications but the point is once an application is submitted, a notification will be triggered on the reviewer’s app that he/she needs to review the application. If everything is in order, it will go to the next team for approval and then disbursement.

Instead of manually moving papers from one desk to another, automated workflows enable you to use digital means i.e., web/mobile applications to fast track grants. Since everything is digital and automated, stakeholders can easily check the progress of the grants in real-time!

These are a few grants management software features that you should look for if you want high grantmaking success. Want to build grant-making applications in minutes and use them to streamline grants? Then head over to Natifi!

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