Real Time Preview in no code

What is Real Time Preview in No Code Platforms?

If you go 6 to 7 years back, you’ll realize that previewing a mobile application in Real-Time wasn’t as easy as it is today. Why?

Previewing a Mobile Application via traditional app development platforms is a tedious process because app developers need to first build the app by writing lengthy code. This code is then checked to make sure that there are no errors. After that, the app undergoes a series of tests to find out any critical fixes or bugs. If you find any bugs, then you fix them & then you can go ahead get a preview of your Mobile Application. All of this process takes months!

This is where No Code Platforms come into the picture. But what are No-Code Platforms? Why do they do a better job when it comes to offering a RealTime Preview of your Mobile Application? Read on to find out!

What is No Code?

The idea behind No Code App Development Platforms is very simple.

To enable laymen & professional app developers to build mobile apps without the need for any coding!

These platforms offer amazing features like Drag & Drop, Unlimited Editing, Integrations, App Settings, Seamless Publishing & the feature to get a Real Time Preview of your Mobile Application.

Accelerate Mobile App Development & Deployment Times with No-Code Platforms for your Enterprise!

What is Real Time Preview?

Real-Time Preview is an exciting feature of No-Code Platforms wherein you can use a mobile application that you just built on your mobile device.

Traditionally, you get to test such mobile apps on your desktop or laptop with the help of software. However, with No-Code Platforms, all you need to do is scan a QR code or click on a link to start using your newly built mobile app in seconds!


Benefits of Real Time Preview in No-Code Platforms

Real-Time Preview of mobile applications has its own set of advantages. Here are a few benefits of Real-Time Preview that you can enjoy in No-Code Platforms:

Find out Bugs/Errors in Real-Time

Leveraging No Code Application Development Platforms to get a Real-Time preview is pretty easy.

Most platforms need you to download a proprietary mobile application so that you can scan the QR code & start using the mobile application. Some other app development platforms offer Web form through which you can preview your mobile app on your laptop/desktop.

Whatever the case may be, you get to preview your mobile application in Real-Time instead of waiting for weeks or even months (traditional app development process).

Once you get the Real Time preview of your mobile app then you can seamlessly check all the features of your mobile app.  You can check if the navigation is good or test the app’s various functionalities before deploying the app for enterprise use. These testing procedures do reveal a lot of bugs, errors or minor fixes in terms of design elements or features.

Fix Errors or Critical Fixes in a Few Minutes

The highlight feature of No Code Platforms isn’t just the Real-Time Preview. These app development platforms also empower you to fix the bugs or errors as soon you find them.

No-Code Platforms come with the unlimited editing feature through which you can edit/replace/modify/delete features, design elements or other components with ease.

If you had to do the same via traditional methods, then you need to first rewrite the code, test the app & then preview it to find any critical errors.

Therefore, Real Time Preview in No-Code Platforms simplifies & accelerates app development for small & large enterprises.

Deploy Your Mobile App Across Various Locations without Publishing

Why go through the hassle of publishing your enterprise mobile app when you can share the QR code to your employees spread across various locations & get them to start using your mobile app for data collection, inspections, audits & other purposes.

Real Time Preview doesn’t necessarily mean that you can just test the mobile apps that you created. You can also leverage the same feature to deploy apps rather than publishing them on the app store.

This reduces costs associated with app publishing while enabling you to digitize your form-based data collection methods.

This is what Real-Time Preview in No-Code Platforms is all about. If you are planning to leverage No Code Tools to build an enterprise-grade mobile application, then head over to Natifi! It is an exciting mobile app builder that will help you to build easy-to-use mobile apps for a variety of enterprise use-cases within minutes.