No Code Platform

What to expect from a No Code Platform for Mobile Apps?

Startups & Leading Enterprises are looking for agility when they need to develop a mobile app. While traditional app development platforms are good, they take up a lot of time & resources. That is why many companies are switching to a No Code Platform to build mobile apps.

If you are a smartphone user, then you might have seen hundreds of apps popping up in the app stores daily i.e. Google Play store & Apple App Store. Many developers who publish such apps are using powerful no code development platforms to create apps within a few hours.

Apps built on such trailblazing platforms boast of wonderful aesthetics & easy-to-use features. These platforms are much simpler as compared to the traditional mobile app development platforms

Enterprises are readily hopping onto the No Code bandwagon to accelerate app development & publishing process. Let’s know about what realistic expectations to have while looking for a reliable low code or no code platform to build your mobile app.

What is No Code Platform?

A no code development platform as the name implies does not necessarily require its user to know about coding or programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python & more.

This innovative platform uses a visual environment to help professionals & amateurs build apps seamlessly. This is the biggest advantage of a no-code development platform over traditional mobile app development platforms.

What Should You Expect from a No Code Platform?

Many budding startups & large enterprises are leveraging no-code app builders to build powerful mobile apps. However, choosing an app builder that provides excellent features & support is of paramount importance. 

This determines the quality & agility of your mobile app development process. Let’s learn about what to expect while searching for the best no code app builder.

Versatility – A Mobile App Builder That Offers a Plethora of Features

This is one of the first things that you should look out for while considering a No Code Platform. The more number of features that a mobile app builder has, the better your chances of creating a world-class app.

  1. Native Applications: Many app development platforms let users create apps for just one mobile operating system i.e. either Android or iOS. This might be fine in the initial stages for your business, however, in the long run, such platforms will hinder your business growth. 

You will have to eventually search for another app builder just to build the other app. So, it is important to get a No Code Platform that helps you to build native applications for both mobile operating systems.

  1. Industry-Specific Ready-Made Apps: If you want to create a simple data collection or data management app for your enterprise, then you just need to choose the type of industry & seamlessly build an app in minutes.

Sometimes agility is required & an app development platform that provides it delivers great value to an enterprise.

  1. Personalized Mobile Apps: If you want to create an app that suits your business requirements, then this feature is very important.

In an era of similar-looking websites & apps, it is important to stand out. That is where customization of a mobile app comes into the picture. 

  1. Powerful Features: A No-Code Platform uses the visual environment and empowers developers to create apps with the help of drag & drop and unlimited editing features.

  1. Real-Time Preview: You just built a brand new mobile app & want to test it. All you need to do is just scan the QR code generated by the No Code Platform. It will prompt you to download a mobile app. Download it & start testing your mobile app within minutes.

Helpful Resource Base – Small yet Effective Guides

While building your mobile application, there might be some instances where you can get confused about what to do next.

Many mobile app development platforms try to upsell their product & do not offer any further assistance. So, if you get stuck at some point, then that’s it! Your app development process is stalled which can lead to countless losses for your business.

Let’s take a simple example, Bob is trying to create a field data collection app that can help him to gather information about the harvest from his wheat field. He starts using a No Code Platform to build an app.

Everything is going smooth until he finds out that he has added an unnecessary feature. Now, he has to remove it but doesn’t know how to do it or doesn’t have the necessary information on how to use a powerful feature called “Unlimited Editing”.

Many developers face such issues when they use an unreliable mobile app builder. But, fret not! Because a trailblazing app development platform like Natifi offers easy-to-follow guides & easily visible functions so that you can seamlessly create, edit & publish your enterprise-grade mobile apps.

You can also schedule a demo to easily understand how Natifi Works. How convenient is that! This will also help you to gauge the amazing features of Natifi & its usefulness for your enterprise.

Design Templates – Customize Every Part of Your Mobile App 

Choosing a design & color scheme for your app can cause nightmares! Many app developers spend days trying to perfect a design for their mobile app. 

But, with a reliable no-code app builder, these concerns are a thing of the past. You might have come across some amazing website builders like Wix, Squarespace & Weebly. These site builders provide professional looking design templates to choose from. Just select a template & create your very own website quickly.

Similarly, an authentic mobile app builder provides pre-set design templates so that you can create a mobile app within minutes. No need to spend hours manually selecting each design element for your app. 

Want to customize your mobile app from scratch? No problem! Natifi has you covered. You can easily customize the register & login page, app icons, color schemes, widgets, mobile forms and many more.

App Deployment Assistance – A Crucial Feature of a No Code Platform

There are 2 ways to deploy your app:

  1. Scan the QR Code – Simply scan the QR code generated by the no code development platform & start using your app.
  2. Publish Native Applications – Submit a publish request in the mobile app builder & the backend team will assist you in publishing your very own Android or iOS Application. This might usually take a few business days.

Some mobile app development platforms do not offer this important feature; hence many people are stuck in a loop. They don’t know where to get assistance from or how to publish their app.

But, with Natifi, you need not worry about your app deployment. Our professional team leverages a proprietary compiler & seamlessly takes care of the app publishing process.

These are some important things to consider while searching for an authentic No Code Platform to build mobile apps. You can easily leverage our powerful mobile app builder called Natifi to create enterprise-grade applications for Data collection, Data Management & Workflow Automation.